Twin's Secret

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It's a short story about a pair of twins, who I used to know, and what they thought of being twins.

Submitted: May 08, 2013

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Submitted: May 08, 2013



Our life changed forever after a simple lie.

- Is anyone home? - shouted someone from the entrance.

- Yes? Who is it? - asked a little girl opening the front door.

- Kiri, right? - asked the person.

The little girl looked up.

- Aunt, you got it wrong again, I'm Kira - she retorted with an offended tone.

- Sorry, it's easy to confuse the two of you - said her aunt in an apologetic tone.

"Adults are all the same...” she thought while she desperately fought the tears that were treating to fall.

- It's okay! - she said smiling.

- I see... Can you call me your mother? I need to talk to her.

- Okay! - she answered and ran to the back of the house.

- So who was it? - asked a girl identical to her once she reached the back. 

- It's Aunt, Kira...

- You did that game again, right big sis? - the other girl asked, sadness clearly showing in her eyes.

-  She failed again - she answered smiling.

Upon seeing her big sister smile, tears started forming in her eyes.

- Don't cry, Kira. If they can't tell us apart they don't deserve our love.

- Okay - she sobbed out.

- I will go te-- before she could finish the sentence her sister interrupted her, saying: - I will go tell her.

- Okay but don't mess up the game.

"Good luck Kira, I hope at least our mother knows who we are...” she  thought while she watched her sister ran in the direction they last saw their mother.

- Mom! - shouted the little girl once she saw her mother talking to her grandmother.

- Yes... Kira? - her mother asked uncertainly.  

- Mom, I'm Kiri - said the little girl pouting.

- Sorry, sweetie... So what is it?- she said with a guilty expression.

- Aunt is at the door.

- Thanks - she said before she walked away.

The little girl then walked back to her sister.

- Why are you crying? - her sister asked.

- I'm not crying - she answered.

- But your eyes want to cry and your heart already is.

- Sis - she said before throwing herself in her sister's arms.

- The one that is Kiri isn't Kira - her sister started.

The other one sniffed and then said: - And the one that isn't Kiri is Kira.

That became our mantra when we felt lonely when people couldn't tell us apart.

It was like a prayer.

To be tell apart and at the same time to not be tell apart.

If people could tell us apart we would cease being one and would become two but at the same time if they couldn't tell us apart we would always live in the shadow of our twin.

So... Who was Kiri? And who was Kira?

Will there ever be someone that can tell us apart? 

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