The Girl that Santa nearly forgot

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Ella has written a letter to Santa to ask for a pretty doll with a pink dress but the letter got lost in the post - when the elves realise what has happened it is already Christmas Eve and Santa has to go or the other children around the world won't get their presents - will Johnny the speedy elf save the day???????

Submitted: November 09, 2011

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Submitted: November 09, 2011



A little girl called Ella sent a letter to Santa and asked for a doll. She posted the letter at Douglas post office but it got lost and never made it to the North Pole. On Christmas Eve when the Elves were loading Santa’s sleigh they noticed they were one present short……… They checked all the presents on their list and saw that Ella’s was missing.

Will the good Elf checked the naughty or nice list and Ella was on the list. Luckily for Ella she was on the nice side of the list, but that didn’t answer the question of where her present was. Another Elf, called Josh, checked to see what Ella had asked Santa for but her letter was no-where to be found. This meant that the elves didn’t know what to put in Santa’s sack for Ella. How could something so bad happen, and what could the elves do?????? How on earth could they find out what Ella had asked Santa for?



Luckily for Santa he had a speedy elf who was called Johnny. He went out to see what Ella was dreaming (of course elves know everything and can see what we are dreaming.) He went to Ella’s house and she was dreaming about a doll she had asked Santa for. The doll was a very pretty doll and was wearing a pink dress.

On the way back to the North Pole, Johnny crashed into a lamp post and bumped his head. This made him dizzy and he ended up going to the South pole instead of the North Pole. All the elves at the North Pole were waiting for him and were very worried because Johnny had not come back and they still didn’t know what present to make for Ella.

When Johnny got to the south pole he went to a penguins igloo where he met two penguins (clever ones of course) called Harry and Owen and another really nice little penguin called Molly. Johnny told them that Ella wanted a “doll with a pink dress”. Harry and Owen noticed the bump on Johnnies head and because they were clever they knew that the bump on Johnny's head had made him confused and realised that he had come to the “wrong pole”. . What could they do and who could help?



Harry told Owen that only Emily the Eagle could help in a situation like this…

They needed somebody to shout Emily the eagle. The only person they knew who had a loud voice was Mr Robinson, who was the Head Penguin. He could REALLY shout if he needed to. They knew he would come if Harry went to get him. So off he went to fetch him. Meanwhile back at the igloo Owen and Molly looked after Johnny’s sore head.

At the North Pole Seb and Bobby, who were the elves that were in charge of making and packing, were in a real panic? Johnny had not come back and Santa had to leave soon or all the children in the world would wake up and they wouldn’t have their presents because Santa was so late. Harry found Mr Robinson and told him what had happened. Mr Robinson agreed to call Emily the eagle. Emily lived in the Ellsworth mountains at the South Pole and her nest was at the top of the mountains.

Mr Robinson went to the mountains and shouted in his loudest voice to Emily who came straight away. Emily flew down from her nest to Mr Robinson and he told her what had happened. She had flown all over the World and new the quickest way to the North Pole. Emily and Mr Robinson went back to the Igloo together where Harry, Owen and Molly were looking after Johnny.

Johnny was feeling a bit better and told Emily that he need to get back to the North Pole very soon to tell them what Ella wanted for Christmas. Emily told Johnny to climb on her back and snuggle down. She had a leather collar on her neck and he should hold on tightly to that. Emily set off with Johnny holding tight. She flew as fast as possible, but would she make it in time?

It was a very long journey but Emily never gave up. At last they reached the North Pole and went straight to Santa’s workshop and Johnny told the elves that Ella wanted a doll with a pink dress. The elves had very sad faces, Santa had already gone – it was too late. Ella would not get her present.



Connor, a new elf, said “Santa always told us, never give up – there must be a way we can get the doll made and delivered to Ella”. They all thought for a moment………

Hannah, who was a very helpful elf, started to make the pink dress. There was no way she was going to give up. She told Seb and Bobby to start making the doll at once. They worked very quickly and finally the doll was finished – the dress that Hannah made was amazing. Johnny said that it was just the same as the one in Ella’s dream. How were they going to get it to

The elves thought and thought……..Joshua suddenly stopped walking around in circles and cried out “I KNOW WHAT TO DO” He had come up with an idea Emily could fly Johnny with the doll across to Ella’s house in the Isle of Man to meet Santa so that he could give the doll to Ella. Iona, who was in charge of Santa’s route said, “If you go now, you will make it to the Isle of Man just in time, but you must hurry up”.

Bobby had done a good job of packing the doll up and it was all ready to go. Johnny put it in a sack and tied it onto his back. He climbed up on Emily’s back again and held on tight to her collar. Off they flew, over Norway and down towards Scotland. Then they saw him – Santa was at Jurby on the Isle of Man – he was very close to Kirk Michael now. Emily flew so fast that Johnny had to hold on so tight his hands hurt.



Finally, Emily arrived in Kirk Michael – Johnny told her where to go and they landed on Ella’s roof just as Santa came out of Cameron’s house. Santa was so pleased to see them – he let Johnny come with him into Ella’s house so that he could leave the present under the tree. When they got back onto the roof, Santa thanked Emily very much for what she had done. Emily said that it was okay and flew off back to the South Pole.

Johnny climbed up into Santa’s sleigh. He would get to go with Santa and help to deliver all the presents around the rest of the World. Johnny told Santa what had happened and about Harry, Owen, Molly and Mr Robinson at the South Pole. Santa said that they had done a fantastic job and he would thank them when they got there.



So after they delivered all the presents to the children around the world Santa and Johnny went to the south pole where they found Harry, Owen, Molly, Mr Robinson and Emily the Eagle all chatting in the igloo. They were so excited to see Santa’s sleigh arriving. Santa and Johnny went into the igloo and Santa said “Thank you” to them all for helping Johnny to get back to the North Pole.

As a surprise, Santa invited them all to the North Pole to see Santa’s workshop and join in the “after Christmas party”. They were all so excited as they jumped on Santa’s sleigh and headed off across the world. On their journey they flew over Africa, Europe and Iceland before they got to the North Pole, where all of the elves were very excited to see them.

Hannah, the helpful elf, gave them all a tour of the workshop before the “after Christmas” party began.



All of a sudden Mrs Williams came rushing into the workshop. “QUICK, QUICK” she said “come and look at this.” Mrs Williams was in charge of the North Pole webcam that Santa used to see if children were naughty or nice. Everyone rushed over to the camera which was looking into Ella’s front room. Ella had just woken up and was opening her present from Santa. Would it be what she had asked for? Everyone held their breath………

It seemed to take so long for Ella to open the present….. But when she did she let out a cheer of delight – “Mummy, Mummy, look – Santa brought me the doll I had asked for – and it’s just like the one in my dream too.” “Thank you Santa, thank you Santa” she sang as she danced around the room cuddling her doll.

Everyone at the North Pole was so delighted, this would be the best “after Christmas” party ever……….


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