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Gennifer finds fakness through her mum's boyfriend.

Submitted: January 28, 2008

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Submitted: January 28, 2008



"Gennifer darling, wake up," mum told me. I rolled over and groaned. "Gennifer! Five minutes!"

I staggered down the stairs ten minutes later. I was wearing my Scary Emily tee shirt and my flannel pants that matched. My long black hair with the hot pink tips was all messed up. Even though I had only slept a few hours, I was wide awake. Although, I was prepared for the harsh bright lights of the kitchen, I was not prepared for who was in the kitchen. I didn’t even notice him at first. He was so quiet. But when I did notice him, I about had a heart attack. I had turned around from getting a cereal bowl and went to sit at the island.

Mum was standing over the stove as usual and was making French toast. The smell was magnificently delicious. Mum was wearing her usual oriental print robe. Her elbow length blonde hair was up in a messy bun. Mum had on her glasses that really made her look like a rocket scientist.

When I turned to the island, I saw there was a man sitting in my spot. I had never seen this man before in my life and I was wondering why he was eating my French toast. The guy looked to be about mid to late fifties. He was balding and was slightly overweight. He was wearing a business suit. It was strange because it was seven in the morning and most business men went to work at around nine. I thought that maybe was a traveling salesman, but I knew mum wouldn’t feed him. There had to be another explanation.

"Gennifer, this is Melvyn. Melvyn, this is Gennifer, my daughter," Mum told me.

"Good morning Gennifer. It is nice to meet you!" Melvyn told me, while cutting up his food.

"Yeah, ditto to you," was all I said.

Mum went to get a glass for some juice and I saw that she was wearing her pink baby doll top and her matching silk pants. Then I noticed that mum was humming, mum hadn’t hummed since she was still married to my father.

I went to school that day and everything was all normal. I thought I had done good on my event’s test and I had. My best friend since birth, Blakely, was going to come over after school so we could practice for gymnastics.

"So, how do ya think ya did gurlie?" Blakley asked me.

"On what?"

"Uh, duh! Your event’s test!"

"Good, I asked him last period how I did. I got an A."

"Ok then, who moved in with Prince Large Ears?"

"Camilla, the chick he had the tampon talk with, duh," was my reply.

"This was when exactly?"

"Like last week. It was all over the news. How could you not hear about it?"

When we walked into the house, I could hear mum squealing like a little school girl. I walked into the living room where mum and Melvyn were standing hugging each other. Melvyn had a little black box in his hand.

"Gennifer, you’ll never guess! Mel proposed to me! Isn’t it wonderful?" Mum told me.

"Well, did you say yes?" I asked.

"No, I’m just standing clinging to Mel because we just broke up! Of course I said yes!"

I couldn’t let Mum and Mel’s relationship bother me. I had a gymnastics meet coming up and one little thing would throw me off severely. In order to not very much dislike Melvyn, I got to know him.

"It’s very nice that you invited me to lunch with you. What’s the occasion?" Melvyn asked me.

"Well, I just thought that since you’re going to marry my mum that I should get to know you, and yeah," I told Melvyn.

"Alright then, what would you like to know?"

"Family life, jobs, ex girlfriends, stuff like that."

"Ok, I have three children. Jill, Ian, and Jenny. Jenny is my oldest, Ian is the middle child and my only son, and Jill the baby."

"What happened to their mother, if you don’t mind me asking."

"Well, we never got married, Jean was a drug addict and a heavy drinker. When she got very drunk, she would hit me and swear at me, and I fell in love with her each time. Every time I fell in love with her, we ended up being parents again."

"Oh, wow"

"I am a traveling car salesman and I love it. I get to see lots of the country and meet many new people"

"Ex girlfriends?"

"I fell in love with Jean at twenty and never had eyes for anyone else except your mother."

The next day was my gymnastics meet. Mum and Melvyn came, my dad and step mum sat behind them. My step mum was giving mum some wedding advice until mum turned and told her that she had been married once already, and didn’t need any advice.

"Next up is Gennifer Hutchison. This girl could walk before she could run. Some of you may remember that last season, Gennifer hurt her ankle doing a very advanced trick. She twisted it not during the trick but when she was walking off the platform, she tripped over a cord, putting her out for nationals. The only other thing is this is Gennifer, with a G," the announcer said. Everyone knew me as G-ennifer. It never has bothered me at all.

I landed my trick with complete precision and poise. The routine was a very hard one, to say the least.

"It looks like Gennifer will get a ten! A great way to start the season."

Mum came up to me afterward and gave me praise and adulation. My dad, mum, step mum, and Melvyn had all given me hugs. I had thought it a little odd that Melvyn gave me a hug.

"Gennifer, Mel has a doctor’s appointment today so he should be home when you get home," mum told me.

"Ok, bye mum. Bye Mel!" I yelled as I went to catch up with Blakley whom was already at the end of the block As I caught up to Blakley I saw the royal Roles Royce drive by, so I waved to the driver and smiled facetiously.

By the time I got home, Melvyn was sitting on the sofa. He looked glum so I asked him what happened. He told me that he needed to get a triple heart bypass that would save his life. That was shocking, and I had heard some shocking things earlier this morning. I sat down next to Mel. We sat on the sofa for awhile in silence. Mel put his arm around my shoulder and I laid my head on his shoulder.

It seemed like forever when I heard the front door slam. Then the dropping of several things. Mum ran into the sitting room where Mel and I were at. Mum sat down next to Mel and I told her I was going to go to Blakley’s.

On the morning of Mel’s surgery, there was a pint of ice cream, by noon it was gone. Mum moped around the house all day until Mel would be out of surgery. To say that mum was worried about her "Melly-poo," would be the biggest understatement of the year.

When we arrived at the hospital, mum rushed to the reception desk and asked where Melvyn Reed was at. The nurse could not even ask mum who she was she took off so fast. I had tell the nurse we were family.

Mel was still out from the medication and mum was sitting right next to the bed holding Mel’s hand. I sat in a chair across the room and flipped on the telly. Surprisingly there was nothing on. I got up and walked around the hospital trying to find one hot male nurse.

I did run into three women however. One was Denise, her husband also had heart surgery. Another one was Denise’s mum. The third one was Denise’s friend. Denise’s mum and friend were there for moral support.

I sat down and talked with Denise for awhile because her husband was still out from the medication. We talked about random things. Denise like rock ‘n roll. Not the new songs that are all about people falling in love then like dying, but the old school songs like by AC-DC. It was funny how many things we had in common. Mum came down and said that Melvyn wanted some clothes from home.

"Hi, I’m Denise Reed, I have been talking to your daughter."

"Really? Are you Mel’s sister?" Mum asked.

"No, I’m Mel’s wife."

"So am I. I’m Lyndsey Reed." After my mum said that, my jaw hit the floor.

We all crammed into the elevator to go see the marrying man. When the elevator stopped, I was the first to step out of the awkward silence. There was a young man standing in the hall with a woman who looked to be his mother.

"Ian?" Mum asked.

"Yes, do I know you?" he asked.

"No, we have never met. I am your father’s wife. Along with Denise here. You look like your dad," mum said.

"Ok? Well this is my mum, Jean Reed. She is also my father’s wife..." Before Ian could say anymore, Jean broke in.

"Wait! Did you just say that you are Mel’s wives?"

Denise and mum nodded their heads.

"How long have you been married to him, Jean?" Denise asked.

"Thirty-nine years," Jean proclaimed with a sense that she was Mel’s first wife.

"Two years," mum said, aware that Jean and Mel had thirty seven years on her and Mel.

"Eight years!" Denise said. She was no where near what Jean and Mel where at, but she had more than two years, that’s for sure.

We all walked into Mel’s room. Mum took off her wedding ring. Denise gave Mel a little wave as if to say, ‘got you.’ Jean looked like the devil had inhabited her. That is when the water works began. Everyone started crying their eyes out.

A year had passed before mum spoke or listened to Melvyn. Although Denise and Jean had started talking to him again, mum couldn’t stand to see him. Jean had legally divorced Melvyn and he moved out. I know for a fact that Denise is not with Melvyn. You see, Denise is with Melvyn brother, Rupert. Can you say ouch? She deleted any e-mails from him before reading them. I had told her numerous times that she was acting childish. All mum did was told me to go my room.

That night however, there was a really bad rain storm. You couldn’t see across the street it was so bad. I thought that mother nature was going to go all The Day After Tomorrow on us, but mum just rolled her eyes. Instead of listening to mum and her new boyfriend hitting on each other all night, I went to my room and watched all five Harry Potter movies.

Half way through the fifth movie, James, mum’s boyfriend, came and told me goodnight. I pretended to be asleep. It was good that he was leaving though, that meant he was going to sleep over. James not sleeping over meant that I could get a lot of french toast in th morning.

At midnight there was a knock on the door. I got up to answer, having moved from my room to the living room. When I opened the door I felt how cold it was.

"Gennifer? Can I come in?"

"Sure, who are you?" I asked the rain coated stranger.

"It’s me, Mel."

"Oh, ok. MUM! Mel’s here."

"Go away Melvyn!" Mum yelled.

"Lynds, I am here on complete accident! My bloody car broke down and I saw lights on here and...well can’t I just call someone? Lynds...please?"

"Ok, make it fast," mum told Melvyn. While Mel called someone, I told mum to breath, she looked like she was going to kill.

"I can’t find anyone Lynds, can I crash here tonight?"

Mum didn’t say yes. Mum didn’t say no either. Mum screamed, "How dare you!? You "accidentally" have your car break down and you end up not finding anyone to give you a ride? Do you seriously think I’m going to fall for that? Do you think I’m senile or something?"

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