The Lost Tomb of Satan: Series 1

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Scott Jones is the saver of the earth.

Submitted: January 28, 2008

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Submitted: January 28, 2008



The Lost Tomb Of Satan


It has been years since the Devil himself "Satan" died from his fall of heaven in the year 1999. Now nine hundred and ninety nine days have come to an end, and Satan will return to earth. None know of this, not even the worshipers themselves. The only people who know of The Devil are priests, now it is up to reverent Scott Jones to stop The Devil from re-entering through the gates of hell. But one Thing reverent Scott Jones does not know who will be waiting for him? No other then the Devils son….Luciphor.

Chapter One:

Silent music played as Reverent Scott Jones walked down the aisle of the Church. Looking at the dark brown chairs he was surrounded by, he knelled down on one knee and said a prayer to God.

"Dear God, help us through the days to come, when Satan walks through the gates of Hell. Please do not punish me for speaking this way. Give us faith over the next few days, amen.

He decided to finish off his prayer by saying "Give us Faith." Faith was the only word that was stuck in his head, apart from the word hope. He looked around the church one last time before making his way to the doors, with a serious look on his face.

"Please give us hope and faith." He said once again as he walked out the church doors with his head down, looking at the cracks between the cement. "Cracks" he said with a soft voice to himself, he said it again. "Cracks" He ignored himself and continued to walk. With the wind blowing through his hair, he gently looked at the tree leaves falling off and blowing into the gutters beside him, Mother Nature slipped into his mind for a second or two. Dark clouds came over rushing through the Skye faster then he could imagine. "His coming." He said to himself. His slow walking slowly turned into a sprint run as he picked up the paste a bit.

Returning to home, and sitting calmly on the couch trying to forget about the days to come. Thinking about the prayer he said to God Back at the church. He once again ignored himself. He made his way to the bathroom, washing his face under some cold water, He slowly started to unbutton his shirt, and then removed his pants, and then his underwear, a naked Scott stepped into the shower and turned it on to a soft gentle touching feeling. Running his face under water again, and massaging his neck. As he finished washing his hair, he turned the knobs on the shower handles off, he grabbed the green towel beside the washing basket and first rubbed his face then continued down to his waste and onwards, as he dropped his towel on the floor, bending back up itching his lower backside he sore a black shadow of a person in the reflection of the mirror, he new who it was. As the shadow disappeared he repeated to himself "his here."

As he put on his pants and his shirt, he walked to the bookshelf across the lounge room, tightening his belt; he grabbed his diary and added what he had saw in the mirror.

Writing the heading "journal entry 15" he started to jot down what he had saw. As he finished writing he put his diary on the bench next to him. Still confused about what he saw in the mirror, he walked out on the sun deck. Looking at the dark clouds and negativity coming towards the house house.

All the negativity was making him feel ill, a slight lightning bolt stroke the Skye faintly; evil was arising from the dark clouds, and not just evil…pure evil that could contain every innocent in the city.

Reverent Scott Jones new it was up to him to put he devil himself back in his cage and banish the evil that has been awoken from what was once slumbering deep.

Chapter 2:

Looking out at the dark clouds, turning away from them as another lightning bolt struck through the clouds, walking back inside, Scott made him a coffee and waited patiently for the day to be over. Of course he was just metophortly speaking. Flipping through the pages of simple banishing entrances in the bible, Scott was not sure for what he was looking for. He was confused, but still had that faint image of him defeating the devil. Dust flew of the book as Scott slammed it shut. Now he was just getting impatient with himself.

Looking out the window with a few blinks here and there, Scott was scared. He repeated to himself "I’m Scared." Shacking everywhere, Scott was starting to get Goosebumps. He was shacking and getting scared of what just might have happened when he faces Satan.

The power went out, now Scott was just plain stalemate. Still no blinking, not one inch of his body was moving. He blinked and stood up quickly. "Whose there?" Scott yelled loudly, there was no answer "whose there?" he said in a deeper and louder voice, he yelled that loud his voice had cracked before he could say "there".

He slowly took a step towards the hallway; he was truly shacking in every possible way. Blinking constantly he turned into the bathroom, and checked out every room, figuring if he was the devil he could hide anywhere! Suddenly a few books fell out of the bookshelf in the lounge room, Scott quickly looked, and all of the bibles he owned were now ripped to shreds by claw marks. A scared Scott ran quickly down the hallway and out the door.

Running down his street with people saying "hello" constantly, he had to act like everything was alright. Replying to all the "hellos" he was getting, he turned at the cemetery. A charmed Scott took a few deep breaths and entered, He had now settled down from the horrifying images he saw of his bibles being shredded by the devil. Turning past a rose bush, he came to a stop. He saw a tombstone way out of sight from the other graves; the tombstone read "Satan, In Memory of Luciphor." Scott nearly fainted right there and then. When he saw the picture below which looked a little like a pentacle.

A pentacle was what witches used and still do use, the symbol of the paganism religion. Below the pictures engraved on the tombstone was a crack. Scott now knew how Satan had got himself out of the gates of hell. "Using the cracks" between the broken cement.

A scared and frightened Scott now knew that the thousands of years had expired and now…Satan has been lost from his prison of hell.

Chapter 3:

Running out of the cemetery, Scott Had tears in his eyes he was that scared. Satan has arrived on earth, Scott could not believe it. After nine hundred and ninety nine days, Satan has come back to Rome his evil.

Scott ran back home quickly, but as he came to his door steps he waited. Remembering his bible books ripped to shreds, Now he was really up to defeating the devil one last time.

Finding the lost tomb of Satan was a big deal, especially for Scott, being a Christian and all. He ran up the front door steps quickly, running through the door and slamming it behind him. Running towards the fire place, grabbing the biggest and sharpest tool there. Wind was blowing everywhere; more dark clouds were coming over the horizon.

Shacking as the dark clouds and a few drops of rain fell from the Skye; he was coming, and coming faster and faster by the minute. All the symptoms Scott recognized the dark clouds, the rain, and hard blowing air.

As he turned around, there was the shadow again, it was him, and Satan was standing at the opposite end of the hallway. As the dark shadow started growing skin and the body parts quicker and quicker, the more Scott wanted to back out. But before Scott could make up his mind, there was his worst nightmare standing right down the hallway. A normal human being with dark black eyes with one little red dot in each eye.

Scott and the devil stood stalemate for a few seconds before Scott said "Leave now, and forever hold your peace…you…you monstrous beast."

Satan still looked at him for the next few seconds, with not one blink of an eye.

Satan was focused, and was not going to let Scott have one opportunity at defining him. Without further or do, Satan said "for my son…Lucuphor." He screamed loudly as more and more black clouds oozed over the clouds. He sent Scott back into the living room couch without a finger nail touching him.

Scott was hurt. But was not giving up, Not now.

Chapter 4:

Scott froze and stares at Satan, was this really worth fighting for he thought.

He could not just stand there and do nothing for the innocent that is not what Scott is about. Satan’s eyes glow darker and darker as Scott stared nervously into them. Dark lights shimmered Satan out of the room. Scott laid there still not believing his eyes. He had nothing to say, words wanted to come out his mouth, but nothing did. His soul felt black and like someone had shot him and there was nothing worth fighting for.

An Innocent man who knew of the devil had now run out of guesses that just might leave the world with what everyone wanted world peace. As he stood up. He herds a voice, "Its god" Scott replied to himself in a soft voice. "You need to do this, for all."

Scott stood there nerve sly, he had never herd the voice of god before, neither had any of the other reverent he had worked with, if he were to slay the devil into his cage one last time, now was his chance.

Chapter 5:

Dark shimmers appeared in Scott house, Satan has arrived back in Scott’s house, and Scott stood behind a door. As Satan walked passed, Scott stabbed him in the back with a sharp butcher knife, Scott new that violence was not the answer, but if he wanted Satan back in the heavens of hell, violence must be the answer.

Satan lay on the floor in a bloody mess. Satan could not feel pain, no demon nor warlock could feel a pain, the only pain they could feel was the pain of a vanquish.

Just a Scott went to say something; he stumbled and thought about when he was thinking about the cracks and mother natures. Below all those cracks and cement and dirt lied hell.

"Now that’s a vanquish." Scott said in aloud voice so Satan could here. "That’s a vanquish." He replied in a softer voice.

Chapter 6:

As he finished thinking of the cracks he got the fire poker from the fire place, and shoved in into the ground with great force. The concrete and the carpet had cracked everywhere. He kicked Satan in the stomach, causing him to roll over into the cracks. "God, let the power of Satan’s evil return to slumber deep in the heavens of hell." Said Scott.

Satan fell through the cracks with screams so piercing it could kill someone.

Scott fell to the Ground, in happiness and hope.

"Thank you, God." Scott Said.

When a thousand years has expired Satan shall be lost from his prison.

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