The Lost Tomb of Satan: Series 2

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Scott Jones once agian battles with Satan

Submitted: January 28, 2008

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Submitted: January 28, 2008



The Lost Tomb Of Satan-Series 2-All Chapters (1-3)




Another thousand years have expired and Reverent Scott Jones passed away years ago. Now resting in peace, God awakes Scott from his death ling sleep and offers him another chance to live. But when Scott agrees to Gods agreement, he is put back on earth without any memory of what happened in his past life. And little does he know that the thousands of years have expired and he is yet again about to put the Devil himself in his place.

A shocked and stunned Scott returned to earth. Looking so young and handsome again. He knew nothing, the only thing he knew was, where he lived. And his own death. Although he does not remember how he died.

A confused Scott looked at the ground, broken cement and leaves flowing around this cracked open floor. Things were coming back to him. Although unfortunately he does not remember how he did it. Slowly Scott sat back down on the couch. Taking his shirt off and chucking it on the floor. It was not like Scott to just chuck his shirt off, but it was a boiling hot day. He thought it must have been some type of heat wave. But it wasn’t, it was just a simple hot day. "What the heck is going on?" Scott said loudly so everyone could here. Although he was in his house and no one could here him. It was almost like he wanted to be noticed by everyone around the block. Scott was not a big reverent, only because he worked in a small town church down by the river side of the city.

He got up and looked outside, dark clouds were forming around the house, and slowly more things were coming back to him.

"The…the Devil." Scott said. Finally Scott new what he was going on about?

Walking outside to get a closer look at the dark clouds, saying hello to his close neighbor Sydney. She did not reply. Then he thought, maybe no one could see him when he thought of the sentence that God gave him before he returned to earth. He said "the reward will be given when all is over." Which Scott thinks meant, he would be given his soul back if he defeats the Devil one last time. He had to do it. To be able to see his family and friends again would be a great feeling. Running in side looking through the left over books on "Ridding Satanic evil ect" well what was left from the tared up books that Satan ripped up over a thousand years ago.

Scott had thought that maybe no one knew he was dead if nothing of his house had been moved or no one else had moved in.

Scrapping the idea in his head and moving back to focus on the books he was ghastly reading. He knew the only thing that was going to stop the devil was him and his own power!

Chucking the book on the ground in anger as he found nothing in the scrapped up books, an angry Scott knew everything now. Who he was what he did, when he died? Everything had now come back to him.

The black clouds continued to rise over the sky, as thunder bolts started to appear, rained started dripping from the dark, dark clouds that came over every minute. Scott new that lot of evil presents had entered and excited throughout his house whilst he was in his coffin, resting in peace.

Dark shimmers started to appear in the living room, Scott stared deeply into them, as the shimmers started to create a person. Scott new very well who it was. The devil appeared right in front off Scott’s eyes. They stare deeply into each others eyes, as the devil’s eyes turned to a pitch black color.

The Devil had now been re-incarnated. Without further or do, the Devil took one shot at Scott.

Scott felt as if the devil was trying to use the last tactic that he used one thousand years ago. Scott was not going to let it happen. He got up, and with great strength stabbed the Devil with the letter opener on the ground next to him.

The Devil fell to the ground in great pain, Scott had not finished, and he was going to do everything in his power to make sure he would not return.

Kicking the Devil in the pit of his stomach leaving horrible bruises behind. The Devil had one chance to send Scott flying once more. So without further or do he electrocuted him back into the couch.

Scott was knocked out, stone cold. The Devil left the room in his dark shimmers and left Scott to bleed a bloody death.

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