The Magic of the Bite: A Werewolf series

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16 year old Chloe's mom was attacked in the wood by a vicous animal while taking a walk and no one knows what it was that attacked her. But now Choles's dad remarried to her evil step mother Lori and her dad doesn't listen to a word she says and she hates her new school, intil a mysterous boy named Justin Gates changes that. There relationship was going good But there was a murder on the night of the Full Moon Dance and Chloe hears that Justin and his friends know about what happened, and it all came together, Justin and his sister are Werewolves and they have a whole pack of them to back them up, but their not used for bad their used for good. Werewolves are used to protect humans and their territoy from ghost, demons and in this case Vampires. Now a whole swarm of Vampires are after Chloe. The thing is Chloe starts to wonder if its good or not that she know about their kind.

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