Do You Know What It Feels Like?

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This is inspired by Enrique Inglesis song Do You Know? and Fall Out Boy.


Submitted: June 06, 2007

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Submitted: June 06, 2007



Do You Know What It Feels Like???

"Ashlee! Open the door!!!"

 Pete yelled and kicked the door repeatedly. The rest of his bandmates were in the level above them in their beds. But Pete couldn't sleep. Like always. Ashlee Simpson, his girlfriend, was in the hotel room  and wasnt anwering Pete's screams of desperation. The rest of the band knew she had changed hotel rooms but Pete was the last to know. Pete continued to kick and scream. She was always in such a rush to push him away. He pulled his black and grey striped scarf tighter around his neck and zipped up the black Clandestine hoodie. Suddenly, his text message alert went off on his phone. He pulled the cell out of the back pocket of the grey skinny jeans he had on. He checked the time before reading the text.


--Message from pkk08

Panda! Where are you???




He quickly texted back.


--Message from PandaBear

Ashlee changed hotel rooms on me.

I'm locked out. At room 207(CHANGED

TO 207) begging to be let in.



KK was very quick with the texting however and he received a new message within seconds.


--Message from pkk08

Aww Hunny. Sent Chelsea out to get

ice. Say hi if u see her. G2G. *mwah*



Pete sighed and slid down against the wall. He buried his head in his hands and started to sob. His whole body shook with his tears.

"Alright Abeer! Say hi to Brendon! I'll be up in a minute!" A familar voice ran through the hallway.  Pete was too upset to look up to put a face with the voice. He just cried some more.

"She doesn't even love me anymore." He whispered to himself.

"Hunn, what are you doing out here???" Chelsea brushed his arm slightly. He looked up to see Chelsea was sitting beside him now. Pete just pointed to the door. "I see. Got anywhere to sleep?" She asked.

"No, she returned both key cards." He cried. She smiled sympathetically.

"Come on, I have two beds in my room and no one else but me is in there tonight. You can come with me to my room." She said sweetly.


"Out with Ryan. Just us." She smiled and stood up. She offered Pete her hand and helped him stand up. He wiped away all his tears and followed her to the elevators.





"You know Peter, I don't think you need her." Chelsea said pouring the ice into two glasses.

"You know Chelsea, I think you're right." Pete sighed flopping down on the bed.

"I mean, I think you should be with someone you can always count on." She said and handed him a glass of Pepsi.

"Someone like you?" He said looking at her in the small lamp light. Her eyes seemed to sparkle and her cheeks took on a reddish hue.

"Sure. If you want to-" Before she could finish her sentence, Pete had their glasses donw on the  table beside them and his lips on top of hers.





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