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Somtimes all we want is to rant about something but we just turn out angering our friends. Why can no one understand that?

Submitted: June 18, 2007

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Submitted: June 18, 2007





Am I tho only one?

Who is going insane?

I am destroying all

The cells in my brain.


I pissed evoryone off,

Only to piss of me,

But I push everyone away,

Why can't they see?


I'm not going crazy,

I'm not sick in the head.

It's the world with the problem

and I'm better off dead. 


I wanna say I'm sorry,

But the words just aren't there,

I'm hoping someone can save me,

From all this despair.


To everyone I love,

I'm sorry to you all,

I wish I wasn't like this,

and I didn't take this fall.


I don't know who i am anymore,

My life is just one big lie,

And if I can't figure it out,

I'll have to say goodbye.


It isn't like I want to die,

Or to fade away,

But it's not like anyone cares

and here it is I lay.


The blood rushes to my head 

and I'm getting weak,

All the answers I wanted,

I have yet to seek.


I know I won't make it,

I won't get out alive,

I guess I am insane,

for taking this dive.


My reflection's shattered,

the mirror is broken

the funhouse is on fire

and everything's smoking.


I cant try anymore

to fake all the smiles

the web of my lies

keeps going for miles.



i cant pick up all the peices

i cant put my life back together

i will always be stuck in this ess

For Always And For Ever 


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