Claire and Alexa, a true friendship

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Claire and Alexa have always been close, so what could tear them apart after almost fifteen years?

Submitted: November 05, 2011

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Submitted: November 05, 2011



It was our usual time and place to meet. I didn't know what was stopping Claire from coming. She couldn't have of forgotten, I go over to her house every Thursday and Friday, so what was up? I walked back through the hall, looking for her long, golden braided hair or for her beautiful blue eyes. Maybe she was stuck behind in class. I peeped through to the science lab. She always had science last on a Thursday. The science lab was empty apart from Mr Cullombers. He always stayed late to clean up all of the mess we make when testing explosions. I knocked on the door and entered. "Ah, Miss Pappast, what brings you back to the world of science?" he asked. I smiled and we both laughed,

"My friend, Claire. Do you know if she was here for the lesson just before?"i asked. Mr Cullombers tilted his head up, he was a weird man, wearing ripped baggy jeans and an old shirt, "Yes, yes, she was here for the lesson. Why dear friend, she made the best explosion out of all of them. Did you know that when Chlorine" i blocked him out. Where was Claire. I thanked Mr Cullombers and walked back down the hall. I decided to go back to where we were supposed to meet, just outside the Assembly area. As i walked around the corner, I caught a glimpse of blonde, braided hair. Claire! I raced up to her. The waiting area was now completely deserted, apart from Claire's Mum Tammy and Claire. Tammy got out of the car when she saw me race up to the car. Claire had her head hanging out of the window. Tammy took my bag and placed it in the boot.

"Where were you?" we both said at the same time. We cracked up laughing. Ï was in the science lab, looking for you" i explained

"But i was waiting by the Assembly area for you to arrive" Claire said.

"Why weren't you waiting in the usual spot Alexa?" Tammy asked, turning on the engine and driving out of the school parking lot. I shrugged my shoulders. We all laughed.

When we arrived at the apartment block where Claire lived. We both rushed up to the first level, followed by Tammy with all our school bags. Her apartment was on the fifteenth level. The view was amazing from up here. Each night we would have a barbeque, the whole family would come out onto their huge deck and listen to the waves crashing against the rocks below. I loved her house. It felt like home to me. Claire and I have known each other since grade two, we're like sisters and i couldn't imagine anything breaking us apart. Claire got us two cups of cold lemonade and we went out onto the deck with our History books. Ms Lucoss taught us both History. It was our only subject where we were together for the lesson. We sat down to study. Tammy came out later on in the afternoon with a bowl of chips and close at her heels was Boots, a Yorkshire Terrier.

That night, Claire and I were both on the lounge watching Neighbors. Tammy's dad Clark, walked through. Claire got up and kissed her dad. I smiled. My Dad and i always did the exact same thing. Claire came and sat back down. Tammy walked through with bowls of ice cream. We took them and placed them on the coffee table. We always had competitions to see who would have the most ice cream melted before an ad. "Ok, ok, starting from" we waited till an ad "NOW" we said at the same time. I grabbed my bowl and started to breathe onto the outside of the glass. My slowly melted, so did Claire's. "Done" i shrieked holding my bowl into the air. Claire took time inspecting my bowl. She swung her eyes back round to a little lump on the side, "No your not. Done" she said holding her bowl in the air. I snatched my bowl out of her hand and looked at the lump.

"hey, you took a long time so that yours would melt. I know you Claire, you, you Cheater!" i yelled. We both went silent then cracked up laughing. Claire always wanted to win, always.


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