Claire and Alexa, PART 2

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Claire and Alexa have been friends for so long, so what big mistake has one of them made for them to split up?

Submitted: November 06, 2011

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Submitted: November 06, 2011



Maths, boring Maths. Why couldn't Maths be changed with study time, or a game of sport, preferably Netball but anyone would do. I sat there, waiting for my next subject, History. I could always sit next to Claire in History, it was our only subject where we were together. Finally the class was dismissed. I hurried to my locker and swapped my Maths books for my History text book. Then i hurried through the corridor to Ms Lucoss's classroom. It was the third door on the left.

Claire had already arrived, she was sitting next to a tall and very pretty girl. They were giggling and laughing and passing notes. I decided to sit up the back. I don't think Claire noticed me come in, she was too busy with her newly found best friend. I walked past her and sat up right behind her. I could hear everything they were saying and if i peeped over the top of my desk, i could read their notes. Ms Lucoss walked in. I opened up the text book, as did everyone else apart from Claire and her friend. Braydon was sitting next to me. He was in Claire's form class, and was in two of my subjects. I decided i would chat with him on my way to lunch, to find out who she was.

History went really quickly. Surprisingly, without Claire, i focused more on my work. It was time for a lunch break. I stuffed my books back into my locker than ran to catch up with Braydon. I found him near B Block, he was walking towards the cafeteria line. "Braydon" i yelled. He turned around to look at me. I ran up to him, "Hey, um do you know who the new girl in History class was?" i asked. Braydon looked confused, he tilted his head up like Mr Columbus does. "You talking about Wendy?" he said.

"Yeah, her. When did she come?" i asked. Braydon shrugged. I thanked him and walked off to where Claire and i usually sat. I saw Claire approach with Wendy. I smiled. Claire quickly hurried over to me and sat down. Wendy took her time to walk an look around the place. "Alexa, where were you all History lesson?" she asked. I shrugged and kept biting into my lettuce and chicken sandwich. "I was there, just not sitting with you" i said, going back to my sandwich.

"What do you mean. You never came through the door" Claire said, pleading for me to explain. I was frustrated, i just wanted to drop this topic and eat. "I did come through the door. I was a little late and you had already given my spot away so i sat behind you" i said, starting on my chips. 

"Sorry, i thought you were sick today" Claire explained.

"Yeah, well i wasn't" i took my lunch stuff and moved away to sit with a couple of kids from LOTE. I didn't look back, i didn't want to. I had never seen Claire sitting by herself, i felt sorry for her but she gave my spot away to some stupid new girl, that's not what friends ware for.

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