Innocent, but now dead

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A greedy, evil boned lady takes money out of innocent victims after the news that she was losing her eye sight.

Submitted: November 04, 2011

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Submitted: November 04, 2011



I was never pretty, or smart, or intelligent. Um, i think intelligent is the same as smart but you get the picture, I'm no good at anything, so i thought. I was walking through the shops one day, i think it was actually a market but that's besides the point. I saw a flash of red swoop past me. I thought a bucket of paint was being thrown around the shops, surprise, surprise, I'm wrong. Turns out that it was something in my eye. I went to see a tent that sold glasses, i showed them my eye, i have a small Hu-hu i can't say it but i have a small one of them. I ask if there is a treatment for this hu-hu thing, there's not. I will have this until it slowly eats away my eye sight. I didn't want to go on with life with no eye sight. My eyes are the prettiest thing I've got. I had a plan.

If i was going to struggle, i was bring everyone else down with me. I decided to start my own business, to 'help' this huh-hu thing. It was aimed at desperate people, who would pay anything. It was six hundred dollars per treatment but it was 'guaranteed' to work, which, of course, is not true. So i open up a stall in this shopping centre. My first customer came out of the glasses shop and straight over to me. "Are you struggling with this hu-hu thing?" i ask, stumbling on the hu-hu bit. The lady nodded,

"Are you talking about Huloghuihum?" she asked. I nodded and smiled.

"Using my treatment, i have cured my Huloghuihum. It didn't take anytime out of my busy day of shopping either. Just six minutes of treatment and six hundred dollars and you will be good as new." I said. I thought this plan was the best thing i had come up with since trying to adopt a baby and sell it again.  I know i have an evil bone, i think i always have had an evil bone. Maybe a monster came and swapped my good bone for an evil bone when i was young. "And this treatment works?" the lady asked, i grinned.

"Ok, deal. I just want to be able to see my kids again" she said smiling and sitting down on the couch i had found in a salvation Army store. "Now, i need the six hundred dollars before i start the treatment please." i said. She fished a card out of her pocket. I swiped the card and took seven hundred and fifty out of her bank. "Now sit back, relax and enjoy the treatment" i said. I walked out of the store, it was a blur. My eyes were starting to fade away. I had to get money before i couldn't see otherwise i would be broke. I walked back in. The lady was lying on the couch, flat on her back. I put a pirate patch over her right eye and started fidgeting around with her left one, then i did the same on the other eye. In six minutes, i stopped. "There, now it should take a few days before it starts to get better." i said. The lady thanked me and gave me a tip for being so quick. I did this for three more customers then i pack up my store and left. I couldn't come back here again. People would come to reclaim their money. Yes, i had to leave.

A few weeks later. I was at my house. The news was on. "A lady was found dead yesterday after an expensive treatment that was guaranteed to work. Police say the woman was on her way back to the markets where she got the treatment when she collapsed on the pathway. A second victim has made her way to the hospital after an eye attack. Veins and blood started pouring out of her eyes. She lies in a critical condition. Spec savers say the woman who is now on the loose after manslaughter came to them before opening a sop across the aisle. If anyone has seen this girl, please contact crime stoppers on" i switched off the TV. Oh well, if they were that desperate, I'm sure death was a way of getting out of the mess they were in, i thought to myself.

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