Because I Said So

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Karma is a *beep*

January 5, 2009
Inspired by the films “Hard Candy” and “The Quiet”. (Fiction)

Because I Said So

By: Camry Moore

This is my diary, but this is no common one. I will only say dear diary once. Other than that, in this diary of mine, I am talking to you.

I knew you would get a hold of this. You always seemed so anxious and curious to know what I was writing in my pink feather covered diary. Do not be embarrassed because I noticed. It was actually always somewhat funny. Know this; if you are reading this, I am gone. Not dead but, I think you get the idea. Yes, I am supposed to be asleep in my room but unbelievably, I am not there. I’m nowhere inside the house. Check around if you want.

Okay, now that you know in fact, I am nowhere in sight; let’s get on with this, shall we?

Wait. So many interruptions, I know. This is important though so before we start, let’s get some things straight; first off, do not close this diary until you have read every page that has been used. This is your invitation into that mysterious diary you have been longing to read for months. Why pass it up? Second, do not let anyone else read this. It is just for you. Third, pay close attention and read it slowly. If you get a little confused read it again. I need you to see yourself and all the pain you caused all in this little diary. In addition, the last rule is just as the first; do not close this diary until you are finished. Remember, there is no need to be frightened, yet.

March 10th

Is there some new drug or alcohol that causes men to be perverts? If there is, my step-dad has had too much of it. I don’t know where it came from but all of sudden you love to touch me. It all started when you came home from work, no sign of intoxication or distress. You just sat down next to me as I watched TV and started to touch me. At first it seemed like a father, daughter thing as you rested your arm around my shoulders. Although it didn’t seem weird, I was still relieved when you moved your arm. But I got tense again when that same hand ran up my thigh. “Chuck please stop.”I said as I scooted over, further away from you. But you followed. I jumped up and started to walk to my room when your arm grasped mine. “Where are you going?” You whispered. “I’m going to bed.” I replied. “Says who?”You asked as your voice got louder. “I’m tired I just want to go to my room and go to sleep. It’s ten o’clock at night.” I whispered. “Yea well I’m coming with you.” You breathed. “Why?”
“Because I said so.” Ah, the typical parents excuse. ‘Because I said so.’ Basically means, “my opinions are worth nothing and I do whatever you want me to do, no matter how disgusting or well, evil. What you say goes.” How convenient that those words came to you so quickly. I’m still curious though; what exactly would you have said if those words had not came to you? You probably would have lied and said, “Someone’s been watching the house. Don’t want you in that big room all alone and some guy comes to your window. Not my daughter.” Honestly, it probably wouldn’t have worked. But it would have been worth a shot, right Dad? But, ‘Because I said so.’ That’s a classic. “But Chuck,”-I started, but I was interrupted. “I’m coming and that’s final.” You said.
“Chuck,” I breathed. You interrupted me again. “What’d I just say? Let’s go. In your room now.” You yelled as you lifted your hand as if you were going to slap me. You scared me. So I obeyed. We walked into my room and you shut the door. I was so uncomfortable. “Lie down.” You said. I didn’t want to. I was going to ask why, but, I already knew the answer. “Are you going to watch me sleep or something?” I asked as I slid into my bed and closed my eyes. You didn’t really need to answer that. I don’t even know if you did because I had already drifted away into sleep. I was awakened by a body suddenly next to mine. Ugh, what did you want? That was rhetorical. I know exactly what you wanted. 15 year old flesh.

May 3

“If your mom finds out, you’re dead.” That’s what you said. You never get tired of this, do you? Well I do. I don’t like it when you touch me. Why hasn’t Mom noticed yet? At first, yea, it was just when she wasn’t home. “I’ll be working late tonight, Hun.” Is all it took. Every time those days came around you were in my bed again. But today, you touched me when we were eating dinner. All of us. At the same dinner table! Is she blind or just stupid? Why can’t I just stand up to you? Tell you no for a change. This is so sick. Sick and twisted.

I just wanted to sleep tonight. Alone. Too bad, today was one of those, “working late” days. Could I get out of this for one night? I ate quickly. “Chew your food honey.” Mom said, giggling. “Yea, why are you eating so fast Gabriella?” You asked. “I hadn’t noticed.” I said as I ate the last bit of rice left on my plate. I then asked, “May I be excused?” “Sure sweetheart. Oh, I’ll be working the late shift tonight.” She said. “Okay. Well I’ll see you in the morning. Goodnight mom.” I kissed her goodnight and headed to my room. “I’ll be in to say goodnight in a little bit Gabby.” You said. “I bet you will.” I murmured to myself.” I rushed to my room. Closed the door and locked it, and lay down and tried to fall asleep.

“Goodnight Chuck, see you in the morning.” I heard Mom say. A long smooch followed. And then the door closed. Seconds later, you knocked on mine. I was silent. I wasn’t asleep but of course, I pretended to be. You knocked again. There was anger in your knock now. So impatient. “Open up! I know you’re not asleep. You might have fooled your mother but you didn’t fool me! Open the door!” Shit. You caught me. I had to respond now. “Please go away, Chuck. I just want to sleep alone for one night.” I cried. “If you don’t open the door, I will! Don’t make this hard on yourself!” You shouted back. I was angry now. You wouldn’t give me one night to myself. You are so selfish. “No! Go away! I won’t do this anymore!”I yelled angrily. “You’ll do it as long as I want you too!” Suddenly the doorknob was twisting around. “Why?” I asked as I cried. My door was open and there you were. You replied, “Because I said so.”

July 6th There have been others. I looked you up. It’s not just me. Three others. 10, 12 and 13. We all have been raped and abused by you. The difference between me and them is, I’m not gonna go running to the law. I have a plan.

I’d had enough of letting you touch me. Today was the day that I decided to stand up to you. Fight back. So for once, I actually hoped that it was one of those nights. It was eleven at night. If my mom was working late, you’d be at my door any second now. Tick, tock, tick, tock. ‘Knock, Knock.’ Speak of the devil, and the devil shall appear.

“Go away!” I shouted. “Oh come on, not this again. Open the door.” You said. “No. I’m not opening this door you can’t come in here.” “These months with me have been great and you know it.” “Are you sick? These last months have been disgusting! You are disgusting! You’re a pedophile!” “What did you just call me?” “You heard me! Doesn’t sound so great does it? Who are the three others? Were those your other step-daughters or, your real daughters? Ugh, that’s even more perverted. You might just have some two-headed babies running around somewhere, who knows? That’s revolting, Chuck.” You didn’t say anything. There were two possible reasons. One; my words had gotten to and you had given up. Two; my words didn’t mean anything to you and you were going to find something to unlock the door with. But there was no more knocking. The doorknob was still. Hm, it seemed that reason one was correct. It wasn’t over though. You weren’t through with me. I had to go.

Dear diary,

I’m leaving. So here’s the plan. I’m going to leave you on my bed tonight. Unlocked and open to the first page if he’s smart, he’ll read it. When he gets down to the end, I have a surprise for the bastard. How do I know he’s going to come into my room? I heard mom say, “I’ll be working late.” But this time, I won’t be in my room. This is all going to work out fine, believe me.

The End

Oh, I do hope I haven’t taken up too much of your time. I also hope you’ve seen it. “It” means the pain. There was lots of it. Trust me. I want you to think about what you did. I hope you saw yourself doing those repulsive things as you read. I hope it caused you just as much pain as I felt when you did this to me. I hope now you realize how much you really don’t deserve your life. You know how much you deserve to die. If this diary didn’t ring any bells, let me reverberate it for you; you raped and abused me. Over and over again But this is not just for me; this is for the other three girls you “sexually abused” as well as it is for me. Jessica, Annabelle and Lacy. It stings to even let those names roll off your tongue again, doesn’t it? I think now you understand, your new fate now is to meet your death. So turn around. Your time is up. Why? Simple…because I said so!

Submitted: March 27, 2010

© Copyright 2021 CamryWrites. All rights reserved.

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