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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic
A surreal short story.

Submitted: July 19, 2011

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Submitted: July 19, 2011



During the sixth attempt to widen the universe, a figure, not

out of focus, projected itself on the nearest planet, floating

on its aura for several seconds before shipwrecking sleepless

on the humid ground where he will then wear a set of rigid


He was already performing, after no time at all, twirls and

air vaults obtaining extended sounds (in width) ahead of its


His enemies tracked him down nearby the castle wrapped in

flames; he was stabbed while he leaned, bare chested,

towards a straight opening -”Pain in my ass!”- he said

moving his lips 15 times. Because of the unceasing pain,

unfortunately he did not sleep that night; he stood up in the

morning with sore bones, showing a happy face to the new


Two things he did with passion: refereed soccer games and

he was a well respected magician.

One day, from his inside pocket, with astonishment, pulled

out, frightened, the incomparable Piero!

He was an OK boy, and always taking charge of situations in

which he was given charge.

One evening while seated on a fake chair, he orchestrated an

act of kindness so well so that a high pitched part of that act

gave out a tinkling sound that covered the bay.

Piero kept at hand one of the most beautiful suit, and inside

one of the pockets he always found a nice piece of Reggiano


The pleasant presence of some baby pigs made him pee on

himself; Piero was a little shocked, and only after a handful

of seconds he discovered that those little pigs belonged to a

despicable race, headed by the delicate daughter of King


The girl, very little interested in marriage, induced Piero to

complete three difficult trials: recover a potent explosive

situated in the basement of Alvaro, the warlock; paint an

abstract painting (up to a point), and last, create a title of a

famous thriller!

Piero, who had always suffered the problems of urban life,

this time he threw himself head first thinking capable of

being able to succeed.

The house of Alvaro was near a gigantic cliff, and easily

spotted because its half was missing.

Piero arranged a machine gun right by the front door and

then stationed himself on the roof and waited!

Meanwhile, a tree house broke completely and fell on the

ground several times; Alvaro, the warlock, visibly anxious,

sparked off a furious thunderstorm that fellatio on the poor

Piero, perplexed and tropic of cancer at the same time.

However, the power of the warlock did not last very long,

due to an illness that he was dragging for years, caused by

the use of tainted corn.

Piero, lacking confidence, took advantage of the situation

and threw eggs at the warlock; now,

the poor boy did not know that Alvaro was protected by two

skillful trapeze artists that on their days off were working as

sound engineers at the home of chief of police Scott.

So, Piero was seized in the sky, and by trying to free himself

killed one of the trapeze artist with only one punch. In the

meantime, a prehistoric ostrich was flying around and

spotted the boy waving at him; the nasty bird, who had

learned many tricks from a traffic cop in Paris, prophetized

the ruin of the two flying beings in putrid waters.

Piero at that moment was wearing a two piece suit very

“ciucc'ame'ucaz”; in fact, it made him recall of when he

gained weight eating polenta at the nearest amusement park.

The left over trapeze artist, who read minds, added the

number of words that Piero was thinking; then, subtracting

from the ones that didn't make any sense at the end of each

phrase, obtained a number of letters equivalent to the

conversation that took place between Alvaro and him 3 days

ago. Piero was unhooked in flight, and by falling downward,

he went to occupy a spot on the ground not entirely flat. The

reactions of the warlock during these dramatic situations

were in accordance with reality, therefore did not hesitate in

taking his well deserved nap after lunch. Mint, Tomai and

Astro were placed outside the warlock's home as a sign of

peace, while the moon showing its backside, sparked on the

properties of the most respected individuals. The triple

incognitas of this tale (not yet revealed), conclude in a choir

what happened in this oily and veiny period included

between the beyond and a variation of the same; end of


© Copyright 2020 camuspharna. All rights reserved.

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