You Won't Forget Me

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

I knew the rules of the game. Yet...

Falling in love so easily is a curse. I knew this, of course I knew, who wouldn’t know. Everything was going so smooth. I do not know what happened or if I did anything wrong at all. It is hard for me acknowledge that love could fade from the night to the morning.

It is the era of the Blackberry’s where everyone had to have one in order to communicate with someone. The phone calls where no longer essential. Alarm clocks replaced by the alarm the cell has. Just like every morning it buzzed at 5:45 am. Time to wake-up for me. Why so early? I have to share bathrooms with my younger brother who decides to take up to an hour showering. Quickly getting ready for school, eating breakfast, and leaving as soon as possible to avoid the intense morning traffic. In my eyes it was just a normal day. I check my cell and notice my friend George sent me a text.

“Hey! Good morning! Ready for school?,” I read.

“Hey! Yeah almost there…,” I replied plainly. I was getting a little bit annoyed by all the attention he was giving me. It’s not like I do not like him as a friend but it is the fact that I know thanks to a friend that he likes me MORE than a friend. I just saw that he had replied and placed the phone into my horrible skirt’s pocket. Made it look like I had a gigantic calculator inside it.

The day went by really quick and when I woke up from my 5 minute sleep, according to me, it was about 5 minutes till 3 o’ clock. The time of freedom for every single teenager in this school. I couldn’t wait because finally I was going to go straight to home instead of having volleyball practice. I mean, not that I hated it or anything but I felt too tired to deal with it. The bell rang, sounding like if it was a phone call that the school was getting, and with my best friend we ran out of class. The lines to make in order to enter the school gate are unbearably long. So, without hesitation we walk to the library to “do homework’s” but I like to call it our chatting/meet up place. I got my phone out and noticed I had a request on BBM from a guy whose name is Alonso. “That’s a funny name,” I thought. I decide to accept him just to see who he might be and if I actually know him, if I don’t then I want to know how he got my BBPin.

A few minutes pass when I decide to check my BB again to see if my mom is anywhere near the gate.

“Hey!” Alonso texted.

“Hi,” I replied extremely confused. Quickly I investigate his picture to see if I know him or had seen him somewhere before, but now. I do not know this person.

“How are you?” he replies.

“Fine thanks, and you?” I reply.

“Fine fine thanks for asking” he responds instantaneously.

“Umm… sorry but who are you? Who gave you my Pin?” I reply meanwhile asking my best friend if she had given my Pin to some random dude somewhere.

“Hahahaha! I’m George’s friend, he gave me your Pin, thought I don’t know why” he responds. Okay that is weird. I text George to ask him if it’s true. Meanwhile Alonso continues to find conversation with me and so I reply. As time passes and George decides to appear like 4 hours later I already know how old Alonso is, where he studies, what he likes to do, and other insignificant things.

“Yeah, he is a friend but be watch out when dealing with him” he responds.

“Why?” curiosity obviously speaking for me. If I have to watch out with regards to him then why make me go through the issue of passing him my Pin.

“Just listen to what I say, okay?” he texts. I can sense that he is a little bit annoyed by the question. Even sense a little regret from his side to give the Pin to the other dude.

“Kay, whatever you say” I text him.

It been days, almost weeks that I’ve been talking to this guy. He is actually really funny and interesting. Supposedly he is from Spain, but he has lived here all his life.

“Do you have skype?” he texts. I can sense where this is going.

“Yeah, add me” I reply and send him my username. He adds me instantly which kinda makes me feel happy but also a little creped out. “You are not an old weird guy right?” I text and as it appears as sent in the screen I regret sending that. If he is he would must definitely not tell me.

“Hahahahahaha of course Not! Let’s skype I will prove it to you” he replies. Feeling a little bad for the comment I do and we talk for hours. The hours then became days and the days weeks.

Suddenly it hits me, somewhere between all our jokes, laughs, and late night talks I have started to fall for him. I would say he has also fallen for me since he is the one texting me “Hey beautiful, have a great day!”.

“I want to go visit you to your house,” he sends. Should I say yes?

“Ok, come visit me then” I reply. Excited? Scared? I don’t think it over and send him my address with a quick explanation on how to get there. He sets the day to be Wednesday after school.

It is 3 o’clock in everyone’s clock except the school’s clock apparently. I’m feeling greatly nervous, my hands are sweating which they had never done before. The bell rings and I run outside try to quickly open my locker. After three failed attempts with the passcode I relax a little and finally get it. Push everything inside not caring if it is organized and ran for the stairs. At the parking lot my friend is already in her car waiting for me so I just hop in. Thank God I was able to get a ride home so early.

“Bye Annie! See you tomorrow!” I say as I kiss her goodbye and close the door. As fast as I can I walk in and go up to room. Through the backpack into the bed and change at least my dirty white school shirt. I check my phone.

“I’ll be there in 5 min, that ok?” he texts.

“Sure sure!” I manage to text back.

After about 15 minutes of waiting I start to give up on the fact of him showing up. Starting to walk upstairs the doorbell rings and I know it’s him. So I open the door and my heart stops when I see him. Geez, I really fell for him. I invite him to come in. He decides to sit in the couch so I join him. As he starts to tell me about his day I find myself just admiring him. His side smile that makes me melt every time I see it, his perfect dark brown hair, his voice, just the way he is makes me feel drawn to him. I hope he feels the same about me…

Without realizing how much time has gone by, he checks his watch “I have to go, I’m sorry I have a soccer game. I promise I will make it up to you” he says and I just smile like a moron.

“It’s okay you don’t have to worry and good luck!” I say as I walk with him to the door. Unexpectedly he kisses me on the mouth, not the cheeks the MOUTH.

Months start to pass and he keeps coming to see me. Every time he is able to he texts me, and keeps telling me things that make me feel special and loved by him. Nothing lasts forever…

Just as thought, he stops replying, he stops coming, he just disappears without any explanation. I wait for him. Hope is the last thing lost right?

“You home?” he texts.

“Yeah, why?” I reply. Excitement, anger, and worry rush through my every body cell.

“I’ll be there in 3” he replies.

Just as I am walking down the stairs the doorbell rings. I open up. It’s him!

“Come out” he says. Without saying a word I follow him outside to the garage. He hugs me. He says nothing more. I can’t find my voice to say anything. I hug him back wishing this would be forever. He slowly backs up and runs his fingers through my cheeks and plays with my hair meanwhile looking at my eyes. I’m dying here.

“It’s too sad such a cute girl like you fell for some player like me” he says as he smiles in a devilish way.

It hits me. A complete bitch-slap. He used me. I’m frozen. He leans in and kisses me hard. I can’t control myself and I kiss him in order not to cry. At least I can’t give him the benefit of seeing me cry. I feel my heavy broken heart, I feel every single piece just falling to the floor in slow motion and cracking into a million infinite pieces. I pull away.

He leans in, “You will never forget me,” he whispers in my ear. He turns around and heads to his car without looking back. I just watch as he leaves with a huge smile.

That night I cry just like if my mom, my dad, and my brother had all died and left me behind. I was broken.


Submitted: May 21, 2014

© Copyright 2022 camzzy30. All rights reserved.

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OH MY GOD NO! This is some Hans-Anna stuff! OMG Alonso made me so mad! All I could think was "dick,dick,dick,dick,dickhead" (sorry haha) I absolutely LOVED it though! Thanks so much for the request!

Thu, May 22nd, 2014 2:54am


Hahaha it's okay he is a DICKHEAD after all! Thank you so much for your time reading it! xoxo

Sun, May 25th, 2014 1:31pm


Oh my gosh I loved this so much! I am so glad that I took you up on your reading request because this was just flat out--amazing, there is no other way to describe it. Wowza. And haha oh my gosh I had some moments in this where I kind of got frustrated with the guy haha, so this had really good emotions! If I hadn't said it enough..amazing job!! :) Oh, and before I forget, check your comment section.. I left a note there! :)

Sun, May 25th, 2014 2:48am


Thank you very much for taking the time to read it and commenting! I'll make sure to check it :) xoxo

Sun, May 25th, 2014 1:32pm


I can't help but wonder, is any of this from experience? This is truly a compelling short story. That guy needs to get kneed where it hurts! I can Identify with the pain of heartbreak and feeling so in love, and I think I like that the most about this. Good Job on the work! :) -Ivy

Mon, May 26th, 2014 9:43pm


Hi Ivy,
Yes in fact it is a true story from a personal experience I had. Thank you very much for the comment! It makes me happy you liked it and could relate to it :)

Mon, May 26th, 2014 11:10pm


Why he left is stil a mystery?R ol guyz lyk dat?play wid anybdy's hrt n den leave..although I loved ur expressions bt I feel bad for d girl and Alonso is surely a dick!Keep d gud work :)

Thu, May 29th, 2014 8:38am


Still a mystery, and we will probably not know unless he comes back!
hahaha guys can definetly be dicks.. Thank you! Glad you liked it!

Fri, December 5th, 2014 7:26pm

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