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My thoughts, sometimes interesting, sometimes not.
This is like a journal.

Submitted: December 04, 2014

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Submitted: December 04, 2014



Time travel, interesting thought isnt it? To let us beings travel from one time to another.

recent research has shown that timetravel is possible, but with limitations. You can go to the future, but not back to the past. 

Lets just say, traveling back in time is possible. Like in The Time Machine by H. G. wells, In the last part of the book, it is one of his freinds writing about how he had not come back after so many months. However, he may still return several months earlier, making that chapter dissapear. So the furture you travel to is the future of a world with out you. Stay on the snail time train, and the world could possibly be differant, better even, than a if you took the fast lane.

Interesting thoughts, and confusing. If I went into the future, lets say, by a month without telling anybody, I would come to a family worried sick. however go back to when I had just left, and those events never happen. This would cause a paradox. Maybe, even if we could, would we go into the past? It would be another doomsday device, wouldnt it?

Another machine that could destroy, or radicly change, humaity.

Just my thoughts.


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