Red sand on the beach: preview!

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Preview of an upcoming short story about the omaha beach landings.

Submitted: December 07, 2014

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Submitted: December 07, 2014



The waves crashed upon the beach, breaking against the sand and the numerous metallic structures known as “hedgehogs”. Dietrich watched from his pillbox as the tide retreated from the beach. Looking out towards the horizon, he saw the invasion force of the allies. As much as he respected their desperate attack, he knew nothing could stop the Fuhrer’s army. “The Fuhrer” he thought “is a saint from heaven! He has saved Germany from ruin, and rooted out the evil peoples who were causing it! He was able to successfully defend our country against the evil Polish forces, and saw an impending allied attack from the west and took it out before they could take action. He now relied on us to defend this beach. An easy task, they will be retreating with tide by dawn tomorrow. Today is a day to show the Americans just how powerful the Germans really were.” He checked over his machine gun one last time before the battle, thinking of his older brother, stationed in a nearby pillbox, they could have been friends, if only his brother had the same views as he did about the Fuhrer.

As the American forces came ashore, he readied his gun, and opened fire.

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