The end of the romance with war

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Small school project from a couple years ago, shows a small example of some PTSD, not a bad case though. The veteran name was taken, so i named it The end of romance with war, for it takes place right after WWI.

“Robert! Robert!” Robert was agitated awake; around him were courtiers who could not stop flattering him. They looked oddly familiar, as if they were his retinue, as he looked towards the door, he saw a guard patrolling the room, and people who enamored him right outside. All this gave him discomfiture and left him agape when an emissary rushed in and told him that the queen would need to see him. As he left, the crowd started sniveling.

He greeted the queen with a salutation, who, after making a prediction, gave him the Medal of Honor. So quiet was the crowd that Robert could hear the purling brook outside.

Still wondering why he got the Medal of Honor while being dogged by a crowd, he stopped dead in his tracks when the paltry memory of the war that surpassed all others, the elfin sparks, nothing to eat but dried jujubes, the distended dead bodies, finding a farm and having a cloying amount of milk, gathering fagots, the ordeals with the Germans, the wheedling information from prisoners, hearing incredulous tales of dynamos burning their horse’s pedigree to keep them warm from the dastardly cold, fighting a man with a stiletto, getting stabbed. All these thoughts went through his mind, and he went on his way without another tremor in his step. Even though he was remembering the tandem platoon of Germans which he single handedly took out, and the look of the last man, whose face was full of pleading, when he pulled the trigger.

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