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These are the character profiles for the Magnum Opus i will be posting here towards the end of January. These profiles also apply to the story "Sooner or Later" which is in my profile. if you haven't read the story yet and wish to read my magnum opus, i suggest you read it. More information on my magnum opus is in the news section of my profile. Characters are : Andie, Trey and Jocelyn(mother)


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Submitted: January 05, 2012

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Submitted: January 05, 2012




Andrea “Andie” Saunders

  • Aged 18 when dad is killed/23 during family reunion 

Lookalike- Emma Stone(best known for Easy A)








At 18 she is an intelligent young woman, adored by her mother majorly, gets everything she wants from her dad.  Attending college to be a nurse at the local college. Typical relationship wih her younger brother, they get along for the most part except for the disagreements often had between the two, she is irritated by her younger brothers “slacker” lifestyle when she works hard. Their relationship changes extremely when their father is killed in the crash.


At 23 she is halfway through her first year at working in the Riverside hospital as an nurse, she has yet to leave home because of the debt and high cost of housing. She cares for her mother when she is not working. Her life has not gone the way she planned, with rough relationships and yet to leave her house because of her mother who has seemingly lost her mind since his death. Andie is very irritable and prone to blaming her brother for everything that has gone wrong.



Trey Saunders


-Aged 17 at the death of this father/22 for the family reunion

Lookalike at 17-James Franco(harry in the Spiderman films)



Lookalike at 22- Leonardo DiCaprio(see photo below)





At 17, in his final year of high school, Trey Saunders likes to party. He is confident in everything except in his driving capabilities. He has a few good friends, but he is popular among the youth in Riverside. He has almost everything a kid could want, money, popularity, friends. The only complication to that is how he is thought to be a bit of a disappointment to his family because of his laziness and carelessness. He has been fired from 2 part time jobs and has not attempted to find another. He is currently learning to drive at this point in his life.


At 22, the death of his father has affected him majorly. The guilt causing him to leave home , almost a week after discovering his fathers passing. He does not drive because of the crash, lives in Los Angeles as a photographer. He is somewhat reserved socially, has a select few friends from his workplace and apartment building to keep him self sane, he is yet to have a girlfriend since high school. All of this is due to the guilt going on for his dad’s death. He is the basic example of a victim of Depression (could it be considered post-traumatic?) He gets around using the subway, taxis or other people driving him places.


Jocelyn Ames


Aged 45 when her husband passes away/50 for the reunion

Lookalike- Debra Messing






Jocelyn is the mother of Andrea and Trey Saunders, before her husband’s death she was a stay at home mom. Generally happy with her family, her daughter going away to school and a husband making money to support them all. She generally dislikes her son Trey, although does not show it before the crash. She considers him a disappointment, thinks that he will not go very far. She still loves him deep down, although.


After the crash, she becomes very independent. Basically exhiling her son,  although she does not use the words. She uses her husband’s death as an excuse to become more independent and “up” her quality of life using her husband’s money. She is a very confident woman, and the one thing that remains unchanged is her love for her daughter Andie.


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