Grammar Police 2: Taking A Bite Outta Crime

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WARNING: This sucks. I dunno why I'm posting it here, but what the heck? Just read it and be truthful about it.

Submitted: May 08, 2008

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Submitted: May 08, 2008



The sirens of cop cars echoed throughout the city in the dark of night, The cop cars were chasing after a blue convertable with a licence plate that read "FO-SHZL". In the driver's seat, trying to out run the cops was Snap. In the passenger seat, wide-eyed, was Pop.

"Aw dawg, why'd you have to go out an' say somethin' stupid like 'fo-shizzle'!?" Pop asked Snap.

"Aw, ya know man, I can't help saying this stuff! It's like it's a part of me!"

"Well now we're dealing with this guys again, yo!"

Snap sighed. "Do you think they wan't us to pull over, dawg?"

"Hommie," Pop said putting his hand on Snap's shoulder, "I think they're demanding us to pull over!"

With a loud sigh, Snap turned to steering wheel and pulled over. The cop car pulled up behind them. In his side-view mirror, Snap could see a large "G" on the side of the cop car.

Two officers stepped out of the cop car, one tall, the other short. Both of them were dressed in cop uniforms with large "G"'s on their chest. They walked up to the driver's window and looked down at Snap.

He could reconize the two officers: The same two as the last incident. "Is there a problem, officers?" He asked.

"Yeah," the shorter officer said, "You're under arrest for bad grammar on your licence plate. Officer Webster and I are gonna have to take you two in again."

Snap's mouth dropped open. "You can't be serious Officer Thesaurus! We were just down town a while ago!"

Before Thesaurus could respond, the tall Webster pulled out his dictionary and smacked Snap across the face with it.

"Yo dawg," Pop yelled out from the passenger seat, "What he ever do to you, yo?!"

"You are now under arrest for bad grammar while speaking, mis-spelling when spelling, and a licence plate with bad grammar!" Thesaurus confirmed to them, writing it down onto a notepad.

"Dawg, are you pickin' on us?" Snap asked the officer.

"May I smack them again?" Webster asked Thesaurus.

Thesaurus nodded no. "We should cuff 'em again."

"I think you just used bad grammar, yo!" Pop yelled out.

"Wrong," Webster retorted, "You used 'yo' at the end of your sentence! 'Yo' is not a word in the Webster dictionary!"

Snap scratched his head. "Does that mean you wrote it, dawg?"

"Yes! I mean... no! I didn't!"

Snap and Pop chuckled. "It's yo dictionary, so we don't have to follow it's rules!"

Thesaurus quickly drew his pocket thesuarus and smacked Snap across the face with it. "You have the right to remain silent!" He yelled out.

"Then I won't be silent! Bein' silent ain't crunk, yo!" Snap yelled out.

Webster smacked Snap across the face with his dictionary. "Just cuff him, Thesaurus!"

Thesaurus quickly opened the car door and pulled Snap out. With speed, he had handcuffs on Snap in no time. "You are here-by under arrest for bad grammar, spelling errors while speaking, and a badly punctuated licence plate! We're going back down town!"

"Can I come too?" Pop asked from the car.

Snap lifted his head up. "Now why would yo want to come to jail with me, dawg!?"

Pop shruged. "I dunno man. It doesn't seem normal you goin' to jail with out me, yo!"

Snap sighed. Webster and Thesuarus led him and the newly cuffed Pop into the back of the grammar police car.

It always has to end like this, Snap thought as the car drove off into the night.

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