"The Flying Dodo"

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"The Flying Dodo" is my attempt at a fable! Haha, this was fun to write, it's very experimental, and actually has meaning to it! Enjoy!

(This follows an ABCDB pattern, by the way)

Submitted: June 27, 2009

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Submitted: June 27, 2009



Archie the dodo,

Cried out one bright day,

From on top of his little island,

“I want off of this trap,

And I want to fly away!”


Now a dodo can’t fly,

And Archie was the last one,

So what could he do,

All alone on his island,

Being cooked by the sun?


Archie tried flapping his wings,

But failed to leave the ground,

He tried swimming away,

But when he was caught in the surf,

He thought the island had him bound.


One day a box came,

The sender unknown,

But Archie was surprised,

To find a jetpack inside,

So that he could leave home!


With the rocket on his back,

And a helmet on his head,

He shot off into the sky,

Only looking back at the island, saying:

“This is where I’d rather be instead!”


He rocketed and flew over water,

A smile across his beak,

He flew over land,

Cities and towns passed by,

And he flew over a mountain’s peak.


He was back over water,

And then Archie came to know,

From the lack of speed,

And the coughing of the pack,

That the rocket’s fuel was low!


Archie started to slow down,

And began to fly low,

Ahead of him,

He saw the island,

And that was the only place to go.


Archie landed back on the island,

His body safe and sound,

But the rocket had no more fuel,

And he had nowhere else to go,

So the island was where he was bound.


So remember this,

And just for you to know,

A jetpack can take you places,

Your home is your home,

Where ever you may go.

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