Enforcers 62

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The Final Showdown Between The Enforcers And Slice. Then When The Enforcers Return Home They Must Fight An Unsuspected Super Group.

Submitted: July 08, 2012

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Submitted: July 08, 2012



The 3 Teens All Met Up By Coincidence Infront Of A Large Door. They Looked At Each Other. "Hey Guys , How'd It Go ?" Canary Asked His Two Friends.

"I Had To Take Down My Dad , I Didn't Kill Him , I Rendered Him Unconscious !" T Explained.

"I Had To Do The Same !" Energy Agreed.Canary Also Agreed With A Head Nod.

"So Guys You Ready To Take Down Slice Once And For All ?" Canary Asked His Friends.

"Oh Yeah !" Energy Began. "Let's Go Kick His Ass !" Energy Finished.

"Ya Know I Never Been In This Room Before !" T Admitted.

"Me Either But Let's Not Think Of That Right Now , We Must Stay Focused !" Canary Said , Taking A Role Of Leadership.

"Right !" T And Energy Agreed Simultaneously.

The 3 Teens Slowly Opened The Door To See A Large Room Which Looked As If It Was Under Construction Or An Industrial Park. There Were Many Large Gates ; Chains Hanging From The Ceiling ; Ropes Tied To The Floor And Keeping Large Cargo Airborne ; Also Many Boxes , Stacked Up Or Separated ; Many Walls. "Damn This Place Is Huge !" Yenn Whispered.

"I Know We'll Never Find Slice !" Laylay Also Whispered. After 20 Minutes Of Looking Around They Still Came Up Empty Handed.

"Guys Let's Just Go ... We'll Find Slice Another Day !" Red Whispered.

The 3 Jumped Off Of A Platform And Onto A Lower Platform. "What's The Rush ?" Slice Asked, Appearing At The Top Of A Pair Of Stair Cases."You've Only Been Here For 5 Minutes !" Slice Said With A Slight Chuckle As He Descend The Stairs. For Some Reason The 3 Heroes Froze. They Snapped Out Of Their Frozen States And Tried Using Their Powers But To No Avail As Their Powers Didn't Work. "Don't Bother , Your Powers Don't Work In Here , I Made Sure Of It ... If You 3 Have Noticed , You've Powered Down !" Slice Explained. The 3 Teens Looked At Each Other And Finally Realized That They Weren't Transformed. They Stared At Slice With Shocked Faces. "You 3 Seem Afraid Now , What's Wrong ... Where's The Witty Banter ?" Slice Asked Amused.

"Afraid Ha ... You Wish Scarface !" Yenn Said.

"Ouch That Hurt !" Slice Said With Sarcasm.

"I Would Apologize For Her But ... I Hate You !" Red Said. Laylay Smiled At That.

Slice Snapped His Fingers. Seconds Later , Multiple Men Began Emerging From Behind Walls , And Secret Doors. They Had Mini Chains ; Crowbars ; Baseball Bats ; Axes ; 3 Men Had Guns And They Stood Infront Of Everyone Else And Pointed Them At The 3 Teens. "What's This ... Your Book Club ?" Laylay Asked.

"Funny !" Slice Said

"We're Gonna Take Them Down In About 32 Seconds !" Red Said With Immense Confidence.

"I Dreamt Of The Day I Get To See You 3 Die !" Slice Said.

"Keep Dreaming !" Laylay Said. She Took Her Ring Off And Quickly Launched It At The Power Button On The Wall, Turning Off All The Lights. The 3 Teens Immediately Did A Frontflip Over The 3 Men With The Guns As They Fired Blindly At The Spot They Previously Saw The Teens. It Was Pure Darkness. The 3 Teens Stood Side By Side. Red Was In-between Laylay And Yenn. He Was Tapping Their Palms Rhythmically. (Using Morse Code To Communicate With His Friends). Slice Turned The Lights Back On And Looked At The 3 Teens. Instinctively , They Kicked The 3 Men Who Had The Guns In The Back , Making Them Fly Forward. The 3 Men Hit Their Heads On The Higher Platform That The Teens Previously Jumped Off Of , And They Were Unconscious.

The 3 Teens Split Up . Laylay Walked Up And A Man With A Crowbar Tried To Hit Her But She Blocked It And Karate Chopped Him In The Neck , Temporarily Paralyzing Him. She Then Straight Kicked Some Guy With A Baseball Bat And He Fell To The Floor. Laylay Then Quickly Climbed A Gate She Was Next To. There Were Numerous Chains Hanging From The Ceiling Which One Man Climbed Trying To Get Laylay. Said Girl Pushed Off Of The Gate , Swung On A Chain , And Kicked The Guy. She Then Kicked Another Guy Who Was Climbing The Gate She Was On And He Fell. The Guy On The Chain Regained Control And He Swung Towards Her And Grabbed Her, Bringing Her With Him. Another Guy Quickly Climbed The Chain And Swung Towards Them , Attempting To Squash Laylay But She Spun Around The Guy Who Held Her And Stood On His Back. The Two Men Collided And Fell While Laylay Jumped On The Gate Once Again And Began Climbing Higher.

A Man With A Baseball Bat Tried To Hit Yenn But She Dodged It And Grabbed The Bat. She Then Karate Chopped Him In The Throat, Karate Chopped Him In The Nose, And Finally Straight Punched Him, Making Him Stagger. Another Man Ran In Attempting To Karate Chop Yenn But She Slid Back Gracefully. He Ran Towards Yenn Who Jumped On The Box And Did A Split In The Air And Over His Head As He Dove To Her. She Landed On The Box And Slammed His Head Into It, Rendering Him Unconscious.

A Man With An Axe Tried To Hit Red In The Knees But Said Teen Did A Spinning Jump While Moving Forward In The Air Towards 2 Men Who Stood Behind The Man With The Axe. Still In The Air , Red Kicked Them And They Both Grabbed His Feet. Red Went Into A Handstand But Instead Of Putting His Hands On The Floor , He Slammed Them Into The 2 Mens Knees, Making Them Fall. Before Red Fell On His Head, He Did A FrontFlip Layout And Landed. The Man With The Axe Tried To Vertically Slice Red Who Shifted His Body To The Left. He Then Kicked The Man's Arm, Making The Man Let Go Of The Axe. Red Then Punched Him With A Left Hook , Right Hook , Left Hook , Uppercut. The Man Stumbled But Regained Balance Quickly And Ran Back Towards Red Who Straight Kicked Him, Did A 360' Spin And Kicked Him Again, Rendering Him Unconscious.

A Man Ran Towards Yenn Who Was Crouching On The Crate And She Straight Kicked Him , Making Him Fall Back Into A Different Crate, Crushing It. Yenn Jumped Off Of The Crate And Spun Around To See Slice Thrusting Two Swords At Her Face. She Quickly Whipped Her Upperbody Back. He Tried To Slice Her Legs But She Jumped Up And Double Legged Kicked Him In The Face , Making Him Stumble Back As She Fell. She Twirled Her Legs In A 360' Motion And Spun Up To Her Knee , Getting Into A Fighting Stance. "You Don't Want To Do This !" Yenn Said.

"I Want To See What You Got !" Slice Said Devilishly. He Then Disconnected His Dual Swords And Ran Towards Yenn , Trying To Vertically Slice Her But She Rolled Out Of The Way. He Then Tried Again But She Blocked It And Kicked Slice In The Head While She Flipped Up In The Process. He Dropped One Of His Swords As He Staggered Back. Yenn Picked The Sword Up And The 2 Had A Sword Fight. Slice Then Need Yenn Who Stumbled Slightly. He Then Punched Her In The Face And She Staggered Back Into The Arms Of Another Man Who Held Her. He Sat Her On A Crate And Slice Walked Towards Her. He Then Hit Her With A Right Hook , Drawing Blood From Her Mouth.

Laylay Stood Onto Of Three Cage. A Man Got On top With Her. He Swung At Her But She Ducked Under It And Punched Him , Making Him Fall Off Of The Gate/Cage. Another Man Was Behind Laylay And He Swung At Her But She Spun Around And Blocked It. She Then Hit Him With A Right Hook, Left Hook. He Tried To Hit Her But She Blocked It And Then Hit Him With A Left Hook , And He Fell.

Yenn Was Still In The Chair. The Man Holding Her Had Left But The Punch From Slice Had Her Dazed. Slice Ran Towards Her And Kicked Her Out Of The Chair. He Picked Her Up And Slammed Her Into The Wall. He Then Punched Her But She Regained Her Composer And Moved Her Head. He Dented The Wall. He Then Choked Yenn , And Lifted Her Off The Ground By Her Neck. Yenn Elbowed Him In The Shoulder Blades , Making Him Drop Her. She Then Hit Him With A Right Hook. He Recovered , Spun Around And Hit Her With A Spinning Fist. She Stumbled Into A Crate. He Then Pushed His Body Into Hers. "You Smell Like Strawberries And Lavender... I Like !" Slice Said As He Pulled Her Hair. "Always Want What You Can't Have !" Yenn Said. He Spun Her Around, Slammed Her On the Crate, And Stood Between Her Legs. He Grabbed Her Face And Kissed Her. She Bit His Lip , Making Him Back Up Slightly , Giving Her The Opportunity To Kick Him Away . "Sorry I Have A Boyfriend !" Yenn Said Wiping Her Mouth. She Then Rolled Backwards Off The Crate. Slice Then Picked An Axe Up.

2 Men Ran Towards Red Who Straight Jabbed The Closer Male , Who Fell. Red Then Ducked Under The Other Mans Attempt To Hit Him With A PickAxe And Kneed Him In The Stomach , Making Him Fall. A 3rd Man Ran Towards Him And Punched The Teen But Said Boy Grabbed The Man's Fist And Twisted The Guys Arm Back. Red Then Kneed Him In The Head . Making The Man Fall, Unconscious.

Slice Jumped On Top Of The Crate And Kicked Yenn In The Face , Making Her Stumble Back Into A Wall. He Jumped Off The Crate And Tried To Chop Yenn's Neck Off But She Ducked Under It And Uppercutted Him. She Then Began To Climb A Rope That Was Holding Large Cargo In The Air. Slice Then Cut The Rope Accidently.

Red And Laylay Saw Yenn And Ran Towards Her . They Both Got On The Rope With Yenn As They Now Ascended Higher Until They Saw The Large Skylight And Went Through It . They Were Now Outside. They Landed On Their Feet And Ran Away.


The 3 Teens Were Now Walking Home. They Seemed Defeated. "I Can't Believe We Ran !" Red Said.

"I Know But We Had No Choice !" Yenn Said.

"Yeah We Were Outnumbered !" Laylay Added.

"I Know , At Least We Can Still Fight !" Red Said.

"I Know ... We Were Ama- !" Yenn Began.

"Guys Look !" Laylay Said Interrupting Yenn.

"What ?" Yenn Asked As She And Red Looked In The Direction Of Laylay's Finger. They Then Saw Slice Walking Into A Dark Alley.

"Oh Let's Take Him Down !" Red Began. They Then Stood Shoulder To Shoulder To Shoulder. "Enforcers Assemble !" Red Yelled. The 3 Teens Powered Up.

"So This Is It !" Yenn Said.

"Yep But Just To Prove Ourselves , Let's Not Use Our Powers !" Red Said.

"Ok !" Laylay And Yenn Said Simultaneously.

The 3 Then Ran Into The Alley. "Stop Right There Slice !" T Commanded.

The Villain Spun Around. "Ugh You 3 !" Slice Said. He Then Ran. The Trio Chased Him. He Turned The Corner With The Trio Hot On His Tail. He Jumped Ontop Of A Crate And Spun Around , Pulling Out A Gun In Midair And Began Shooting Multiple Bullets At The Teens.

"WATCH OUT !" Energy Yelled. Canary Did A Dive Roll To Escape The Bullets Shot In His Direction. T Ran On The Wall. Yenn Did A Twisting Ariel To Dodge Hers. He Continued To Shoot While The 3 Took Cover. Slice Then Ran Out Of Bullets As He Was Cornered By A Gate. The Trio Ran Towards Him. There Was A Hole In The Gate And He Dove Through It. The Trio Couldn't Squeeze Through It. Energy And T Connected Hands To Make A Platform Out Of Their Hands.

"Up And Over !" Energy Said. Canary Jumped On The Girls Hands, Jumped Over The Gate , And Grabbed A Hanging Wire. He Swung Towards Slice Who. Canary Pushed Off The Wall And Back Towards Slice. He Kicked The Villain Back Into The Gate. Energy And T Quickly Climbed The Gate And Jumped Infront Of The Man Who Pulled Out A Sword. The 3 Teens Regrouped And Got Into Fighting Stances. He Ran Towards Them But Energy And T Grabbed Canary's Arms Who Flipped Back , Kicking Slice In The Chin, Making Him Flip Into The Air. He Was About To Land But Energy And T Straight Kicked Him In The Chest Simultaneously, Making Him Fly Back Into The Gate Again And Land On One Knee. He Got Up And Tried To Thrust His Sword At Energy Who Spun To The Side. He Tried To Horizontally Slice T Who Ducked Under It. Canary Ran Forward And Tried To Hit Slice With A High Kick But He Blocked The Teen's Attack. He Then Kicked Energy And T Away. He Tried To Continually Impale Canary Who Dodged Each Thrust With Skill. He Then Spun Around And Kicked Canary , Making The Teen Hit An Old Crate, Destroying It. He Tried To Run Towards Canary But T Grabbed A Long Pipe And Tripped Slice. The Villain Flipped Up As T Tried To Hit Him. The Two Then Had A Sword Fight Until Slice High Kicked T Who Flew Back Into A Wall. Slice Was About To Cut T But Energy Jumped On His Back And Grabbed His Arm. Slice Slammed Energy Who Was Still On His Back Into A Wall. He Then Grabbed Her Hair.

"Ow !" Energy Yelled. He Tossed Her Off His Back By Her Hair. She Rolled And Hit The Wall. Slice Had Strands Of Her Hair And He Smelled It. Canary Got Up But Slice Threw His Sword At Canary Who Spun Out Of The Way. Canary Ran Towards Slice Who Began Running And Bicycle Kicked The Villain, Missing. Energy Who Was Running Behind Canary, Rolled Over Canary's Back As Said Hero Bent Over, And Kicked Slice In The Jaw , Causing Him To Stagger Back. T Ran Up And Drop Kicked The Villain. Before She Fell, Energy Caught Her. She Then Began To Swing T Around , Who Kicked Slice Everytime She Came Around To Him. Canary Then Ran Up And Bicycle Kicked Him In The Chest , Making Him Fly To The Floor. He Rolled Back Onto One Knee And Looked Up. That's When The 3 Heroes Simultaneously Kicked Him In The Head, Rendering Him Unconscious.

They Then Tied Him Up. "Let's Go Team !" Canary Said. The 3 Teens Then Headed Towards Slice's Headquarters.


Victor G. , Ronnie , And Victor O. Were At Wendy's. "I Haven't Seen My Girlfriend In Almost 2 Weeks !" Victor O. Said.

"At Least You And Laylay Are Still Together ... Yenn Left Me For Eddie !" Ronnie Said In An Annoyed Tone.

"Well Bro You Did Call Her A Hoe !" Victor G. Reminded.

"Accidently ... It Was A Slip Of The Tongue !" Ronnie Said Defensively.

"We Believe You But What Should I Do About Laylay ?" Victor O. Asked. Alex Was Walking By Their Table When They Said That.

"What Do You Mean , What Should You Do About Laylay ... What Do You Like Her Or Something ?" Alex Asked, Taking A Seat Next To Victor G. Who Was On The Opposite Side Of The Table.

The 3 Boys Looked At Him. "Nah Bro , She's My Girlfriend !" Victor O. Said.

"No She Goes Out With That Brenden Kid !" Alex Informed The 3.

"No I Go Out With Her , Brenden Is Gay , He Goes Out With Red !" Victor O. Said To Victor G.'s Dismay As Said Boy Dropped His Head. "Sorry !" Victor O. Said Apologetically.

"No You've Got It All Wrong , That Eddie Kid Is Gay , He Goes Out With That Andrew Guy ... Brenden Goes Out With Laylay ... I Just Saw Them The Other Day !" Alex Informed. Ronnie's Eyes Shot Up At The News. Victor O. On The Other Hand Was Fuming With Rage.

"Let's Go , We're Gonna Get To The Bottom Of This !" Victor O. Demanded. The 4 Then Left Wendy's And Headed To Enforcers Headquarters.


Red , Laylay, And Yenn Were Exhausted From Carrying Their Unconscious Parents From Slice's Headquarters To Their Headquarters. "Damn I Never Thought They Were- Oh Hey Mr. Curry !" Red Said As He , Yenn , And Laylay Entered The Living Area To See Mr. Curry Standing By The Window With Jason, Abigail, And Mason In His Arms.

"Do You Only See Him ?" Brenden Asked As He , Eddie , Andrew , And Jose Rose From The Couch.

"I Don't Think They Missed Us !" Eddie Said. Red And Yenn Ran To Their Boyfriends.

"Where Did Ya'll Go ?" Red Asked.

"Don't Worry Babe !" Brenden Said.

"Yeah Just Know That It'll AllBe Over Soon !" Eddie Said As He Hugged Yenn And Stroked Her Hair.

"What ?" Yenn Asked. Brenden And Eddie Turned Around To Look At Mr. Curry Who Looked At Jose And Nodded.

Jose Walked Up To The Big Window That Over Looked The City And Punched It. The Window Shattered And Mr. Curry Walked Up To The Now Open Window With The Babies Still In His Arms. "Tsk... Tsk.... Tsk.... Too Bad, They Were So Adorable !" Mr. Curry Said.

"What Do You Mean Were, What Are You Doing ?" Yenn Asked, Slightly Nervous. Mr. Curry Then Held The Babies Out They Window. "My Baby ... Eddie Do Something !" Yenn Screamed.

"Shh... Shh... Shh... !" Eddie Simply Said. "It'll Be Over Soon !" Eddie Added. Yenn Was Using All Her Might To Try And Break Free.

Red Was Still In Brenden's Arms But He Too Was Struggling For Freedom. "Brenden What The Hell Are You Doing, He's About To Kill The Twins, Get The Fuck Off Of Me !" Red Yelled. Brenden Then Slammed Red Into The Wall, And Held Him There. Red Winced At The Impact."Laylay !" Red Whispered.

Just As Laylay Was About To Use Her Telekinesis To Save The Day, Andrew Hit Her Over The Head With A Metal Pipe, Rendering Her Unconscious. "Let Them Go !" Yenn Yelled Trying To Escape Eddie's Grip.

"As You Wish !" Mr. Curry Said. He Then Let Them Go.

"NO !" Red And Yenn Yelled In Union. They Then Slowly Dropped To Their Knees.

"Oops !" Mr. Curry Said. The 2 Teens Were Sobbing At The Lose Of The Newborns.

"Oh Stop Acting Like Pansies... Ya'll Barely Knew Them !" Mr. Curry Said As Brenden And Eddie Stood Next To Him.

Something Snapped In The 2 Teens. They Slowly Rose To Their Feet. "We're Gonna Kick Your Ass !" Yenn Said. The 2 Then Got Into Fighting Stances.

"I Don't Think So... X's Attack !" Mr. Curry Commanded.

Jose Jumped Infront Of Red , While Andrew Ran Infront Of Yenn. "Let's Dance !" The 2 Thieves Said In Union.

Andrew Hit Yenn With A Combination Of A Left Hook, Right Hook, Left Hook, Right Hook, Downward Left Hook, Making Yenn Fall To One Knee. "I Advise You To Stay Down !" Andrew Said.

Yenn Looked Up At Him."You Hit Like A Bitch !" Yenn Said, Getting Up. "C'Mon !" Yenn Added. She Then Punched Him In The Gut 3 Times And Then Flipped Him. She Then Jumped On Him. Her Elbow Went Into His Back.

Jose Punched Red With 4 Right Hooks And Then Super Punched Red Who Fell. "That Was Easy !" Red Flipped Up, Putting Fear Into Jose.

"You Finished ?" Red Asked. Jose Nodded Shakily."My Turn !" Red Said With A Wicked Smile.

"Mommy !" Jose Whimpered. Red Then Roundhoused Jose Who Fell. He Looked Up And Red Was Gone. He Sat Up On His Knees.

Suddenly Someone Tapped His Shoulder. "Wanna Hear A Secret ?" Red Whispered In Jose's Ear As The Thieves Eyes Grew Wide. "AAAAHHHH !" Red Used His superscream, Knocking Jose Out.

Red Looked At Brenden And Yenn Looked At Eddie. "Bring It On !" The 2 Teens Said In Union.

Brenden Ran Towards Red And Eddie Ran Towards Yenn. Eddie Low Kicked Yenn Who Blocked It With Her Hand And Karate Chopped Him In The Chest. She Then Side Kicked Eddie But He Grabbed Her Leg And Swung Her Into The Wall. He Knelt Down To Her Level And Grabbed Her Chin, Making Her Stare At Him. "Baby Let's Not Do This, Just Surrender !" Eddie Said. Yenn Spit In His Face And While He Was In Shock, She Kicked Him Away From Her, And Flipped Up.

Red Threw A Left Hook At Brenden But The Older Male Slammed Red Into The Wall. "You Know What I'm Gonna Miss Most About You ... !" Brenden Began To Grind Into Red Who Gasped. "The Sex !" Brenden Whispered Into Red's Ear, Still Grinding Into Him. Red Gasped As He Felt Brenden's Erection.

"BRENDEN !" Mr. Curry Yelled. "Oh Sorry... Hormones !" Brenden Said. He Then Took Red's Head And Slammed It Into The Wall. Red Pushed Brenden Back.

"Ah ... You Fucker !" Red Yelled. He Then Uppercutted Brenden. The Older Male Flipped Up And Back Handed Red, Splitting The Heroes Lip. Red Tasted The Metallic Liquid."Oh So You're Just Gonna My Lip ... Now Im Gonna Fuck You Up !" Red Said. He Then Bicycle Kicked Brenden Who Flew Back.

Eddie Did A Combination Of A Right Hook, Straight Jab, Uppercut But Yenn Blocked Them All. Eddie Pretended To Kick Yenn In The Head And She Fell For It, Leaving Her Stomach Vulnerable. Eddie Put His Hand On Her Stomach. "Til Death Due Us Part ... Isn't That Right Babe ?" Eddie Asked. He Then Shot His Energy Ball Through Her Stomach. She Fell To the Ground.

Red Roundhoused Brenden Who Ducked It. He Then Punched Red In The Gut And Then In The Back, Making The Boy Drop. Red Grabbed Brenden's Leg And Pulled Him To The Ground. Red Jumped Ontop Of Him And Straddled Him. "Birdie This Isn't The Right Time And Place For This !" Brenden Said With A Smirk. He Then Flipped Red Off Of Him And Red Hit The Wall. Brenden Got Up And Held Him Against The Wall. "You Smell Sexy !" Brenden Said."Whelp Bye Baby !" Brenden Said. He Then Pulled Out A Knife And Impaled Red In The Gut. The Younger Male Gasped For Air. He Then Fell To The Ground.

Laylay Woke Up To See Her 2 Friends On The Ground Supposedly Dead."I'm Gonna Kill You !" Laylay Said Angrily.

"You Can't Kill Your Own Cousins !" Brenden And Eddie Said Simultaneously.

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