Affirmative Action

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why affirmative action is still necessary

Submitted: November 06, 2007

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Submitted: November 06, 2007



Breanna walked into class on the first day of her sophomore year. She surveyed the classroom. Unsurprisingly she was once again the only black person in her class. She knew what that meant, another year of feeling alone. She had tried to fit in before only to once again to be put on the outs when a subject on African Americans came up. It was as if everyone automatically turned her way because clearly, she was the authority on black people and of course, she knew the thought process for every individual black person.

 The worst was her freshman year when her group was assigned a project on hip-hop. Being the only black person in the group she was her group’s “hip-hopictionary.” One person even asked her if she could get up and rap or dance or something to add a little to their presentation. She knew not all white people were like this but she started to meet those levelheaded white people fewer and farther between.

Her least favorite topic to discuss but the one that seemed to be the most popular was affirmative action. It was as if everybody had his or her own view on what it was and what it did. For the most part white people thought it was wrong. Then they would try to say why they thought it was wrong and still not offend her or there were the ones who really just didn’t care she was there because she was probably there  because of affirmative action.

She had heard it all, how whites were cheated out of spots and money because of this unfair system that allowed unqualified minorities to get spots in schools, programs, and the workforce that they did not deserve.

The truth is many people do not fully understand what affirmative action is. They go off word of mouth from others instead of looking up the facts. For instance, if one looked at all of the facts he would see that white women are the biggest benefactors of affirmative action. In addition, it is against the law to give minorities one standard and the majority another. They both have to meet the same standard to apply and to be accepted. There is no double standard.

Nowadays we think that if there were no affirmative action everything would be just great. Have we forgotten that it was less than half a century ago, that Martin Luther King Jr. stood on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and shared his dream with the world. If everything was equal in America now, why is it that corporate America is still predominately white and male? Yes, progress has been made since the Civil Rights movement but we still are not there yet. As long as there are students like Breanna throughout the nation, affirmative action is still needed. Affirmative action is in place to give each American the right to have a dream. That dream is the same on that has been shared throughout the years from the colonists dreaming of freedom from England to Martin Luther King Jr. dreaming that one day we would all be able to sit, work, and learn together.

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