Bone Chiller DRAFT

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A series of random scenes for my novel. (And yes I'm back!!) This is the futuristic story about immortal twins Ivy and Willis Fairchild and how they go on a journey to discover secrets about their fathers past. They shocked when they find about their how there fathers medical treatments went terribly long, creating a band of vicious immortals, leaving few human survivers. What's worse is that they discover they're fathers partner Chen Lai is now a part of the Enigmas, a nutorious band of immortals bent on world domination. As the twins make the discoveries with the help of the Amazonian clan of immortals, Ivy Fairchild finds herself in a romantic affair with a yound Amazonian Sage Albus. This again is only a draft, but I needed a place to put my work without it being destroyed!

Submitted: November 01, 2008

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Submitted: November 01, 2008



***Several Years later- Ivy as an Enigma ****************

Being an Enigma had become more and more like a drug to me. The more power I had, the more power I craved. Everything around me had a new feeling to it., like a sixth sense. I embracedswaying of the trees at what seemd to be hyper speed, the dirt beneath my bare feet sent the thunder clapping around me and the andrenaline pumping through my veins. This was a new kind of high, and I would never be able to come back down.

As I made my way up the steep hills of the cliff,  the electrcity built up by my jaunt had dulled down. This spot was so vaguely familiar. that it brought  writhing pain along with it.

The feeling was unfathomable. At first, there was a sickening pleasure, that had me ready for the elctric surge to come back. My hands clawed there way through the flesh on my shoulder blades, and sent blood gushing down to the ground. Within the blink of an eye, the same gashes had now become a series of silvery scars.

I was curtain that the surge would come back, but it did not. With every memory of Sage Albus came inescable pain that burned like acid. I was screaming in pain and was down on my knees grovveling with a fist full of dirt. And then, abrubtly, the acid had dissapeared. But the surge was still absent.

I stood up, brushing the dirt off my knees and sped through the forrest. Nothing along this path could revive me. I left the cliff feeling empty.

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