A Fabulous Song by Candice Ann Moraga

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Enduring "hug-deprivation"

Submitted: July 08, 2013

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Submitted: July 08, 2013



A Fabulous Song

by Candice Ann Moraga


Most the words lurking in my chest

With pen to paper, never is pressed

Trying so hard to please, impress

Choking down feeling – don’t dare to express

Deep within, coal simmers and burns

Pent-up emotion festers and turns

Into the rage, which waits to ignite

Onto the page, scribbled at night

I can’t hold it back – so sorry – I tried

I sang, I screamed, I vented, I cried

It wasn’t enough – what will it take?

To kill this anger, to conquer this hate?

They say “try therapy,” “find your zen”

But I been through hell and back again

Thankfully, I’ve been able to train,

To channel my rage, my anger… contain

But I’m not the saint you would anoint

Try not to hit my boiling point

Within my smile, you see the crack

The truth comes out – I can’t turn back

Will it be a relief when I finally burn out?

Will I no longer want to scream or to shout?

Perhaps I am just “hug – deprived”

That’s all it would take to be sanctified

I hold on to faith, and my belief

It’s the path I must take to turn a new leaf

I see the light – it’s up ahead

It’s no mistake – I’m not misled

Cliché, they say, “there’s a plan for me”

A soul on the road – a cosmic journey

Rambling, stammering, stumbling along…

Hey – wouldn’t that make a fabulous song?




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