All I Want Is You by Candice Ann Moraga

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I've learned the hard way that you cannot force someone to be open to love...

Submitted: July 08, 2013

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Submitted: July 08, 2013



All I Want Is You

by Candice Ann Moraga


Remember the way we danced that night?

The way you looked in my eyes?

The way you let down your defenses – The way you dropped all disguise?


That is all I want from you – A moment in which we’re both REAL

No bullshit & no artifice – Something that we can both FEEL


I know that you’ve been hurt before – You act suspicious and wary

And I know we’re both freaked about falling – We both can admit that that’s scary


I’m not here to screw you over - And I don’t want to do you harm

So do you think it’s possible to break down defenses – Do you think that we can disarm?


I guess you just don’t want to snuggle – Maybe that’s just not your style

It’s been a long time since I’ve slept with a man – I told you that it’s been a while


But can we go back to when we connected – To when it just “clicked” & felt right?

And please don’t compare me to other women – That’ll only be picking a fight


Let’s go back to that special moment - When all your hopes rang true

Swaying in each other’s arms

“All I Want Is You” 

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