Compadre Compassion by Candice Ann Moraga

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In times of tribulation, it's best to rely solely upon God

Submitted: July 08, 2013

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Submitted: July 08, 2013



Compadre Compassion

by Candice Ann Moraga


How could one scorn the blossom, in the bud, having yet to bloom?

When all it needs is a little love, some space to grow, some room?

As the misty tears from my retina clears, I glance once again towards my oak

Love-struck and blind – I had leaned on a sapling!

From my hopes and my dreams, I awoke


He had not the strength to give me support, though not due to love that was lacking

I realized the weight of grave purport - the sounds of his limbs that were cracking

I could not laden with leaden vexation, my troubles, and all my concerns

Hoping, through excessive aggravation, to the truth of my heart, he discerns


Abstaining, I will not crush my beloved, finding strength to stand on my own

Courage can be compassion – Remember the wisdom I’ve shown

Time reveals the essence –

She’s no easy mistress to weather

Some grow strong; some grow weak

But it’s a long time until forever

Fierce hearts only grow stronger – Sensation with each palpitation

Pulsing its beats with conviction - Mine throbs with unending duration

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