Duplicity by Candice Ann Moraga

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It's no fun bein' a rag doll...

Submitted: July 08, 2013

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Submitted: July 08, 2013




by Candice Ann Moraga


You’re perspective’s refreshing

I’m outta my head

You’ve got something to say

Not just “Let’s go to bed”

Other people can’t see different sides in me

But they see that in you so easily

Am I to blame for the artifice?

Can I help that they can’t see deeper than this?

It’s an aspect of my personality

But sex isn’t all that there is to me

Celibacy didn’t help at all

Lack of sex didn’t help them to fall

But sexiness has nothing to do with sex

It’s all just a spell, an enchantment, a hex

It’s all just a mind-game – I court them all

And I’m just a plaything to them – a doll

They have their fun- then they toss me aside

At the end of the day, they have hurt my pride

But they don’t like when I become too real

God forbid – I can actually feel!

I’m more than what they bargained for

They seem saddened to find that I’m no whore

Take me with layers – take all of me

Take me with what you can and can’t see

Contradiction – duplicity

I am what I am & I’ll be what I’ll be

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