Half of a Whole by Candice Ann Moraga

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Before I realized I don't need a man to "complete" me...

Submitted: July 08, 2013

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Submitted: July 08, 2013



Half Of A Whole

by Candice Ann Moraga


Wonderin’, should I let you in?

Smile coaxing me, so genuine

Things I’m thinking, such a sin

Least I can say that you’re a friend

What depth I see in hazel eyes

Their sparkliness can hypnotize

Can’t believe I didn’t realize

And now I’m doomed to fantasize

Shouldn’t let my mind just run away

I’ve been so serious – I should just play

He doesn’t feel this anyway

Besides – just what the hell would I say?

Couldn’t possibly articulate

The way to him I radiate

And it could never be my fate

To have such a perfect mate

He’s got his own shit to figure out

Still needs to learn what he’s about

Finding his own path, his own route

Filled with hope, filled with doubt

Never felt hands like that before

But I never let anyone through my door

Sensitive on untouched skin

I can’t believe I let him in

Won’t tell my crush to another soul

I’ll just remain half of a whole

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