Found by a Girl

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A lameo story i did for school.

Submitted: March 01, 2009

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Submitted: March 01, 2009



“Mom,” I say looking out the car window at the Vermont scenery flashing by, “who was Great Aunt Melissa? I mean, we don’t even know her and we’re in her will for something giant like the Humane Society,”

“ Well… all I know about her is that she was my aunt and that she died. She was quite distant,” my mom said laughing at how little she knew.

“ I can’t believe you agreed to manage the Humane Society instead of thinking up some random excuse to get out of the responsibility,” I say and gasp as I see the shoebox that’s also know as Grove County Humane Society.

“Its so… little,” I say frowning.

“ Cheer up. It must be a lot bigger on the inside, like our house,” she said locking the car.

The inside was a lot bigger then it looked from the outside. As you walked in the first thing you saw was the front desk. Behind it sat an elderly woman with something like cotton candy on her head. I guessed it was hair. She asked us our names and waved us in to the animal section.

We pushed the swinging door open and were almost knocked over by a course of yelps and howls.

“Hi,” I could hear someone saying over the din, “I’m Nina, what’s your name?”

I scouted around and spotted a girl around my age holding a bottle of doggy shampoo.

“Hi, I’m Sara. My mom is the new owner so I guess I’ll be seeing you around. Where do you go to school? I go to Grovewood,” I say looking around to find my mom.

“The same,” she said smiling “wanna go meet the dogs?” she leads me to a cage.

“We named all the dogs after characters in books. This one,” she gestures to a scruffy little dog “we call Miri.”

Just then a young woman came over with my mother. She had a poodle trailing behind her on a leash.

The poodle took one look and Miri and growled.

“Mom,” said Nina, “I can take Eragon on a walk for you. I want to show Sara around anyway.”


“What’s for breakfast?” Nina asked. We were sitting at my desk.

It had been an uneventful night ending with Nina sleeping over. She had shown me everything but the bathroom and we both agreed that some things are best left unsaid.

“MOM” I yell, “I’M HUNGRY,”

I hear some swearing and then the phone rings. I make a mental note to personally thank whoever called for saving me from her wrath.

“We can get something to eat later. I just go a call from Nina’s mom about a new kitten they found on the steps,” she said.

Ten minutes later we were in the car. I was thinking about the kitten. Who’s cat was it? What’s it’s name? Things like that were swirling in my mind as we entered the building.

The kitten was inside a closet-like room. From my point of view all I could see was a furry toy, a table and some chairs. I was about to ask where the kitten was when I realized that wasn’t a toy at all.

After a briefing I was sure of 2 things. 1] Her name was now Hanna and 2] I liked her best.


The next day I was still thinking about Hanna. Once you got some time with that kitten she was always on your mind.


“Hello? This is Sara. May I ask who’s calling?” I say into the phone.

“ This is Nina. I need to talk to you! Hanna’s really sick. She won’t eat or drink and we’re really worried about her. Do you want to come to the vet with us?” she said.

“Yes. I’ll go tell my mom. Bye,” I hung up to go tell my mom and get ready.

I heard them pull up and I ran to get in the car.


“We’ll, there’s nothing physically wrong with her but she seems lonely,” said Dr. Schmitt handing Hanna to me.

“She doesn’t get along with most animals,” said Nina

“We’ll try to introduce her to other animals. Goodbye,” the said and held the door open for us.


“Sara, I was thinking about that new female cat we just got a few days ago. She seems to like other animals and is kinda like an adopted mother to some of them,” said Nina upon returning to G.C.H.S.

“ Weird. I was thinking the same thing. Well, its worth a try,” I said and walked over to Hanna’s cage.

“ Hanna! We have a surprise for you! Come with me,” I pick her up and take her to the little closet room. Nina comes in shortly after with the fat gray cat that we had nicknamed Mumzy.

As soon as we put them down Hanna ran into a corner. Mumzy followed and started licking her. To our surprise Hanna started to purr!

“I think Hanna has a new mother!” I said just as my mother came in and told me it was time to go.

“Bye. Call me later,” I say and then walk outside.


“So, how was Hanna yesterday? Anything happen?” Mom said over breakfast the next day, “because Iwas thinking about Nina’s call…”

“Nina called?!?!?! Did you forget to tell me? How could you forget something like that?!?!?!” I yelled.

“ Anyway, Nina said that Hanna is a lot better,” she took a bie of pancake, “and they want you to come with them to see her,” she finished.

“When can I go?” I say almost jumping up and down.

“Aparently right now,” she said as there car pulls up.

Thanks Aunt Mellisa, I think as I get in the car, not for dying, but for providing me with a more interesting summer.

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