The Play of People

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Its a play that i started.

Submitted: March 01, 2009

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Submitted: March 01, 2009



Act 1

Scene 1 Library

[LEXI speaking to older woman behind desk]


Please? Why can’t I pay you back tomorrow when I get my allowance? The book is only 2 days overdue.


No, that would be breaking the rules.


Why not?

Mrs. Frapton

No. I have given you my answer. When your mother gets here ask her for the money. That is all I can do for you, sorry.

[MONICA appears from off stage looking dazed and carrying a stack of books]


Sorry about what?

Mrs. Frapton

Your sister has a book that is 2 days overdue and she doesn’t have enough money for the fee. So I told her to ask your mother for money. Or if you have $1.50...?


I brought it for printing my report but if it means we won’t have to listen to mom ranting about the importance of bringing stuff in exactly on time, here take it.

[Monica hands $2 to LEXI]


Thanks, you’re a saint. [smiles]

[MRS. FRAPTON clears her throat and eyes the money]


Here, take it and keep the change.

Mrs. Frapton

Thank you. You are both so kind.

[MOM comes in with hair messed up and ash on her face]

Lexi and Monica

What happened to you?


I really can’t tell you. It happened so fast. One second the pizza was in the microwave, next it had exploded all over the kitchen.


This is the last time you make dinner.


You can say that again.





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