The Time for Life

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A really bad story.

Submitted: March 01, 2009

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Submitted: March 01, 2009



The Time for Life

JessieMarie Losten, come down here this instant” yelled the thin, dark haired woman up the stairs. She heard someone scrabbling around, and then an eleven year old girl popped her head around the corner and said in a rushed voice

“I didn’t sign myself up for softball Ma.” Then she went out of sight. The woman sighed, then went out to the car, which was still running. A few seconds later Jessie came running to the car carrying her glove in one hand and bat in the other. Her mother looked at the clock which read twelve past five.

“Honey, on softball days you have to be ready. I don’t like for you to be this late.” she said in her soft voice. “Ma, I don’t like to be late either,” Jessica said looking out the window at the woods and fields rushing by. They didn’t speak the rest of the way to practice. As soon as they stopped the car, Jessie jumped out to join her friends.

“ Why were you, like, so, like, late? Softball ,like, starts at ,like, five” said Brittney. “Sorry,” Jessie muttered. Jessie and Brittney weren’t good friends at all and she had no idea why she wasn’t ignoring her.

“ Hey coach, what are we doing?” shouted Jessie running up to coach Stevens.

“Jessie, you’re late again,” stated the coach while looking through a stack of official looking papers.

“Sorry, but if it matters I got a bat for the team. So, what are we doing?” asked Jessie again.

“ We are pairing up and tossing the ball to each other. And thank you for the bat.” she said looking up.

“Okay, thanks,” Jessie said walking away. Jessie scanned the field looking for someone to be her partner. No one. No one that is except for the smallish blonde girl wearing a pink baseball cap. Jessie walked over to her and said

“You don’t have a partner yet do you?”

“ No I’m afraid not” she said softly. “ I’ll be your partner” said Jessie.

“Okay, sure” the girl was almost whispering. They had been tossing back and forth in silence for a while when suddenly Jessie heard someone scream “WATCH OUT” Jessie looked up to see a ball coming at her full speed, straight from the pitching machine. She covered her head and waited. But just as soon as she was sure she would die, she felt herself being pulled to the ground. She uncovered her face and sat up. The girl was sitting on the ground next to her and the other girls were running towards her. They all gathered around her and told her that she was lucky she had ducked when she had.

“But I didn’t duck, the girl right here pulled me down and saved my life” she protested, pointing to her friend.

“ There’s no one other than us, Jessie” they all said. She looked over at where the girl had been sitting, but she wasn’t there.

“I’m okay, you don’t have to crowd me.” she said. The girls all walked away. She watched them go to tell the coach that she was okay, then turned around. There was the girl.

“Why did you save me when I don’t even know you?” Jessie asked.

“A few years ago an eleven year old girl was up to bat. They were using the pitching machine and someone had put it up to fast. The girl was to close to the plate and the ball flew out and hit her in the head. Now here I am, still eleven, devoting my death to saving other’s lives. I am a ghost. But although you might hate life remember this: There is a time for life and a time for death. This is the time of living for you,” And with that she disappeared, off to save the life of another.

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