A Halloween story, 2010: From the Underground

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Lilly is an usual girl, who is almost best friend with the town's most rich guy. He ignores people who aren't rich, but Lilly is another thing for him. So comes halloween and Lilly decides to go to Raven, the rich boy and see how they can spend time and have some fun.....

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Submitted: November 04, 2010



Once upon a time there was a prince. All the princesses in the kingdom were willing to sacrifice everything and prepared to implement anything, just because he would marry one of them and live happily ever after. Though the prince wooed never to anyone. Not even the world's most beautiful princess attracted him.

One day the prince left his palace, the world's largest and most magnificent palace known to man. He rode on his white horse into the most inhospitable place on earth. The nastiest and ugliest castle was guarded by a fearsome dragon. The prince fought the repulsive creature. His horse was turned to ashes when the fire of the dragon's mouth touched it's white leather. The prince went mad and fought with all his heart, for he knew that a reward was waiting for him after this. With his strenght, he hurled his sword like a spear and dotted the dragon's heart. The beast fell into a big hole which the bottom of it was impossible to see.

The prince turned and walked contentedly towards the entrance to the dark castle...


''Lilly,'' cried her mother.

She ran down the stairs. Her lips formed into a wide smile, her mother beamed despite the dark elegant dress. Adorned with gold made her even more pleasing to the eye.

''I don't need to ask what you think, your expression tells me already!'' laughed her mother.

''Mum...you look amazing...tonight,'' Lilly managed to get out of herself.

The truth was that her mother's appearance had always been good, it had just shifted from a lot to fabulous. Lilly, her daughter, looked quite ordinary. When people pointed and whispered that it was indeed Mrs. Kapucini's child, she could understand those who shook their heads, but you can't deny reality. Lilly's brother on the other hand, Liam, was like a doll. If you put him in a fairy tale, he would undoubtedly be a little prince. His curly hair was a mixture between blonde and brown and as you looked him in the face, you met big brown eyes. Her father didn't look out of the ordinary either, it was only Lilly who wasn't really perfect as member of the family Kapucini. Friends sometimes wondered if she ever became jelaous of them. The question itself made her shudder. How can one feel so for it's own family? She loved them.

Lilly's mother caressed her daughter's normally pimply cheek but hidden under make-up. ''Lilly, honey, I wasn't recognizable when I was inyour age. Puberty affects everyone, but it ends one day and then you'll see that people turn their heads and think; was that Lilly?''

The daughter wanted to believe in what the mother said, but why wasn't she like a doll when she was little? Was it really possible to transform? Could this duck become a swan?

Lilly gave her mother a big smile, her evening was at least gilded. Though she wasn't going to stay at home either. Behind this innocent mask, a pretty clever person was hidden. Just because the appearence failed, it didn't mean that she had bad luck too. Normal face and family, nothing fancy with it, but still hung out and was almost best friend with one of the town's richest person.

''I trust as usual that you look over your brother,'' said the mother calmly.

''Yeah,'' nodded Lilly and struggled to not break out in laughter.

The father tied his tie, but her mother sighed and straightened his colllar. ''Now we have to hurry a bit, you know what Martin thinks about arriving late,'' said her father, but his wife turned to her daughter.

''There are food in the fridge and if there's anything, just call us and...,''

''Please Julie, Lilly is even more mature than us,'' the father hugged his daughter, ''No mischief now,'' he winked at Lilly.

''Bye, sweetie, and don't wait for us, we come home late,'' continued the mother and kissed her forehead.

''OK, have a nice evening, bye,'' waved Lilly.

She stayed at the doorway, waved more and as she was confident that their car was gone, she called the neighbour's daughter, a year older than her, nerd, nice and one that Liam got on well with. ''You can come now. No, I haven't forgotten the money. You must be here in ten minutes. See you.''

In the living room sat little Liam on the floor and drew as usual. Crayons and paper were scattered. Some painted, others white. Lilly picked up one of the drawings that Liam had drew a long time ago. There was a truck about to drive down a precipice. The drawing was in memory of their grand-parents. Three years ago, they collided with a truck and sadly died instantly. ''What are you drawing?'' asked Lilly and ruffled her brother's curly hair.

''I'm drawing a person you know,'' said Liam, as he did eager movements with the hand that held a black crayon. When he finished, he gave it to his sister. It was a kind of profile picture, though the head wasn't a humans.

''Who is it?'' Lilly pretended not to know.

''You know,'' pressed Liam.

The upper body looked normal, the person had a blue shirt. His face was covered with black feathers, his eyes were in form of two yellow dots and the nose and the mouth had been replaced with a beak. The boy had a vivid imagination, but sometimes it became too much. ''I know you don't like him, but it don't need to be a reason....,'' Lilly tried to explain.

Liam shook his head violently. ''Raven comes from the story of the ravens.''

''OK, Liam, but he's not a raven, a mere human like me and you.''

''He's weird,'' continued Liam and forced Lilly to hoist the white flag.

How can you make a stubborn little boy to understand? Lilly didn't want to try more. The doorbell rang, Liam was running as he ran into a pedestal which in turn swerved and pulled down a pot. ''Liam!'' howled Lilly, but was ignored.

Sighing, she took a broom and swept up the pieces of the pot and the wet soil. From the hall didn't come any sound. Lilly stopped cleaning up and listened. That's when she heard the voice, rasping and very unclear.You couldn't tell if it came from a man, woman, boy or girl's throat, more like a mixture of all. A cold breeze went through the spinal cord. Had she let in a stranger? Broom fell with a smash on the floor and Lilly ran out into the hall. The neighbour's daughter looked up at her with Liam in her arms. ''Is everything all right?'' she asked friendly.

''Yes...,'' said Lilly and realized that her brain just played her a trick.

The girl laughed. ''I understand you. On Halloween can anything happen.''

When Lilly went back to cleaning, the girl stopped her. ''I can take care of that, you go and have fun,'' she smiled.

Lilly said goodbye to her brother and left the house with an umbrella just if in case it would rain. She walked on the sidewalk, ears perceived the crunching of the leaves and cold winds caressed her face. At every house there were grinning pumpkins and light that trickled out through the eyes and mouth, got Lilly to crave after heat. Sometimes she cast a glance behind her, when it seemed as she had heard footsteps. Every time there was either no or few kids dressed up and in search of treat. Finally she was there, happy that not a single raindrop had fell from the dark sky.

She stood in front of the town's largest house. Of course, there was a high wall that protected against unwanted guests. There were few who had seen the wonderful garden, where everything from excotic flowers to the old and tall trees grew.The town's wealthiest family were the only ones who owned their own cemetery, which could be find in a small part of their huge garden.

Lilly pushed a button and felt relief when Raven answered and let the gate slid to the side. In front of the house was one of the three fountains. The shape was a circle and it was made of marble. Lilly looked down into the water, which was dark, probably beacause no light reached it. She passed by the fountain, but suddenly heard splashing, but no one was there. To her surprise, she noticed that the water splashed out to the sides. Surely Raven who wanted to joke with her. She walked up the stairs where they had decorated every step with big happy, angry, sad and surprised pumkins. Behind her, she heard the sound of scrunching of stones, as if someone ran towards her.

''I love it, Raven,'' Lilly rolled her eyes. At same time she turned around, the sound of footsteps disappeared. Her eyes caught the sight of wet track that went in her direction. Of the marks to judge, it seemed to be a man's feet and they didn't belong to her. Lilly ran fast and almost tripped when the door opened.

''Wow! Are you OK?'' asked Raven.

''Wow, you almost scared me to death,'' said Lilly sourly.

''Um...OK, I don't get what you mean,'' said Raven with a surprised voice.

''Forget it then! You won't confess it anyway.''

''Don't you believe me?'' asked Raven and ran a hand through his dreadlocks.

''Oh, just never mind...after all it's Halloween.''

''Yeah, but I swear it wasn't me,'' continued Raven.

''We forget it,'' gave Lilly up.

Raven was dressed in baggy pants, a too large T-shirt and a scarf around his neck. Everything was designer clothes and if he was a girl, she would probably be green with envy. Lilly met Raven first time when they attended at primary school and since then they have been close friends, although he is now at a private school. His family wasn't very fond of her, especially his sister. It felt very comfortable that none of them were at home.

''Wow, what a nice weather,'' said Raven ironic and stared at the rain that pattered against the window.

''We can't put out our feet from this house,'' nodded Lilly disappointed.

They agreed to watch TV, until it stopped raining. After a while, rumbled their stomachs and they ordered pizza and ate while the eyes stared at theTV screen. The rain seemed to never end and even worse was that there was nothing to watch on television.

''Oh, we can do something else,'' switched Raven off TV.

''Well, what for example?'' wondered Lilly bored.

Raven's blue eyes sparkled and gave that look that said, ''I-know-exactly.'' His lips formed a smile, Lilly realized that something was going on in his mind. ''OK, out with it,'' she said.

''We can't go out and there's nothing on TV,'' began Raven. He wanted her to say it.

''To be honest, Raven, I have no idea...,'' Lilly gave up.

Then he told her. Actually it was the same as calling on doors and asking for trick or treat, though in this case, they were indoors, they couldn't meet people face to face and no treat was included in the game, only trick.

''Do you remember when we were little, telephoned people and did prank?'' Raven laughed.

''It's stored in my memory forever,'' nodded Lilly amused.

Raven rose from the couch and brought the phone. ''Who should start?'' he asked, raising an eyebrow that wasn't obscured by his headband.

''You can call first,'' said Lilly.

''OK, but we should have a rule, that one shouldn't look when you press the buttons,'' Raven smiled playfully.

No problem, she tought. They weren't going to call a friend anyway. Raven closed his eyes and let the thumb go around among the figures. Then he winked at her and took the receiver to his ear. Lilly pushed on the speaker.

An old man replied. ''Hi, grandpa!'' yelled Raven.

''What did you say? Talk a little higher,'' the man sounded sour.

''Granpa, it's me, your grandchild,'' Raven almost screamed.

''I don't have and never liked children,'' the man said dryly.

Raven went on to explain, but Lilly stopped listening. There was something in the background that caught her interest, the sound of scratching. She leaned closer to the speaker and heard how something tore on the other side. Though Raven and the old man took no notice of it. Suddenly, the floor creaked and sounded like someone crawled with dragging steps. Lilly understood that the better she heard it, the closer the creature, man or whatever it was, came. The man had bad hearing, that could be a reason why he didn't hear what was approaching him. It crackled a bit on the phone and the man's voice became indistinct. The conversation was interrupted.

''He was boring, we can call someone else,'' suggested Raven.

''Didn't you hear it?'' asked Lilly and noticed that the hair on her arms stood up.

''What do you mean? I just heard the man's voice,'' said Raven confused.

''Never mind, I probably imagined,'' said Lilly to both Raven and herself.

''I wish I had done it too,'' he sighed, ''the old man was really tedious, like when I said...''

Floorboards gave a noise, something crawled back into the place it had come out from. Lilly looked quickly behind the couch. Silence.

''Do you listen to me?'' asked Raven.

''Yes, yes...go on,'' she lied.

''Here, you can call now.''

What she heard in the telephone conversation, it came really from here? Was there anyone else in the house than just the two of them? Not strange that Raven and the old man hadn't heard anything, the sounds came from here.

''OK, if you don't want to, I do it then,'' he said and sounded like someone had asked him to clean the whole house.

This time, no one picked up the phone. ''Your turn,'' gave Raven the receiver to her.

''I think it has stopped raining...''

''Come on, Lilly, you will not die of doing a prank,'' he pressed.

She closed her eyes and pressed few buttons. Then it was just to wait till someone answered.


The voice was hoarse and belonged to a young girl. Lilly didn't even start, as she was interrupted by the girl. ''Please! You must help me! I don't know where I am, it's so dark in here!'' she screamed and sobbed.

Lilly stared frightened at Raven, whose eyes were wide open. ''Have you no idea where you are?'' asked Lilly and saw her hand tremble.

''No, like...I don't remember,'' wept the girl, ''but I think I have been buried alive!''

''By who?!''

''I don't remember,'' she wept hysterically.

Raven frowned and glared suspiciously at her. ''Give us your mobile number, we'll call the police and they can certainly track down you,'' suggested Lilly with a shaky voice.

She wrote down the number, while her heart was pounding faster and faster. When it ended up on paper, the pen fell from her hand. The girl had hung up. Raven took the paper from her and glanced at the numbers. ''I knew it!'' he said angrily.

''It's my number,'' said Lilly surprised and dug for her cellphone, but didn't find it.

''It's for sure Aysha and blockhead Mary,'' said Raven furious, ''I shouldn't have told them.''


''Nothing...,'' Raven tried, but couldn't fool Lilly.

''Tell me, Raven, what have you told them?''

He hesitated a moment and grabbed one of his dreadlocks. ''I told the truth about I feel about you,'' he said, examined the dreadlock.


''I like you, more than just a friend...I love you,'' he revealed and rested his eyes on her.

Lilly shook her head and stared down at the floor. ''It will never work. Your world is different from mine. In addition, your family will never accept me and I don't want to be a secret. To me, you are and always will be a real good friend.''

Raven walked over to her. ''You don't need to worry about my family, it's my life and they have to accept it,'' Raven nodded eagerly, but failed to convince her.

''I know you usually get what you want, but not this time,'' said Lilly determined.

The words were like a slap in the face to Raven. His cheeks turned red, though no hand had touched them. They had no eye contact, as he turned and walked toward the door that lead to the garden. ''Where you going?''

''I need fresh air,'' whispered Raven and disappeared.

Great, maybe their friendship will be dissolved. Her friends will probably be happy, but she felt empty inside, didn't think Raven would ever fall in love with her. He looked good and was rich, but love should come from both sides and she didn't feel that way for him.

Slowly, she peeked out the door and looked over the dark garden. ''Raven?'' she shouted several times, but got no answer.

She strolled a bit, but didn't dare to go farther away, where some relatives of the family rested in the ground.

Finally, Lilly went to the stairs with the glowing pumpkins. The foot stepped on something pretty hard. She lowered her gaze and there on the stony ground, was her cellphone. It was switched on andthe list about replied calls, she found among the last calls, the number to the phone they used to prank with. Many questions formed in the head of Lilly. Had she actually phoned to her own cellphone? Who had replied? The girl who Raven thought was played by either Aysha or Mary? How had they came in here? Climbed over the wall? Impossible.

Those questions reamined unanswered. Suddenly, something hit her hard on the head and the pain spread slowly. The body became heavy as lead and she fell to the ground. Before her consciousness was blown away by the autumn wind, she felt how someone dragged her, while her face was scraped against the stony base.

After a while, Lilly woke up, lying on her back. The back of her head ached, her face felt sore, everywhere was pitch-black and the air was sultry. Her hands felt something solid in front of her that made it impossible for her to get up. She couldn't roll to the sides either. It appeared that Lilly was stuck in a box or more likely, a coffin. How hard she pressed, the lid didn't open. Reason? An amount of soil rested on it. She had been buried alive.

Panic engulfed the heart, hands pounded in vain on the lid and the dry throat made her disappointed as she was unable to scream.

Something was in the jacket pocket, her cellphone. Her fingers pressed frantically on the figures she couldn't see, nothing happened. The battery had probably run out. At the moment of helplessness, Lilly perceived the sound she had heard all the evening, but tried to ignore. It sounded as if someone tore and dug with its finger, scratched through the soil, towards her direction. Then another came in the opposite direction and suddenly pushed the coffin to the right side. Lilly shouted and the tears of despair fell down her cheeks. She was surrounded by strange creatures who pulled the coffin in one direction. While Lilly got carted away, she knew that there was no point to shout, because no one would hear her from the underground.


The handsome prince walked up the castle's highest tower and entered a room. It was quite dark and dirty. On a mattress, gnawed by rats, sat a young woman. She wasn't beautiful, but had a face that he liked. He was acquainted with her, since they were kids. Her family was poor and to get food on the table, her mother used to work as a cook for his family. Sometimes her daughter followed with her mother and while the mother was busy with various pots, she played with him. She was a honest girl, didn't say yes to everything he suggested, in contrast to the servants and all the others who knew his name. She made him happy and there was no princess in the whole word who could do that.

Therefore, he bent down on his knees and looked into her eyes. Then he uttered the question many wanted to answer, but never had the chance.

''Will you marry me?'' asked the prince and in the dimly-lit room, shone his emerald green eyes.

The young woman's facial expression changed. She stared blankly at the prince and said; ''No.''

The End



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