Bloodline by Kevin Brooks

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Its written by Kevin Brooks, a great author that usually writes exciting books. The book is not very thick.
I liked this book, because it happened things that you didn't thought would happen. This book was little funny at the beginning.

Submitted: July 26, 2009

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Submitted: July 26, 2009



Bloodline is about a boy, called Finbar Black. His parent's are divorced, so every month, he has to at least once, spend a day with his dad. Finbar thinks its very boring, because he usually watch TV with his dad, grandad and greatgrandad. They watch horse-racing at TV and as I mentioned it before, Finbar is really bored. By the way, its summer and the month is June. Finbar imagine how the weather is outside and he also hear various sounds, for example, chimes from an ice-cream van. But Finbar is in a dusty old room and the curtains are closed. Finbar wish that he could go out from this house, but if he leave, his dad, grandad and greatgrandad, will ask him questions.

What's the matter Finbar?

Why are you going now?

Where are you going?

So, Finbar has no choice, he has to stay there. He always stay for tea.

When he was thinking about, how much hours were left, for him to stay there, suddenly they hear a CRASH sound. Afterwards, the back door slams shut and someone bolts it. They hear footsteps coming towards the room. They don't move and they says nothing. Then someone dressed in black and wearing a helmet bursts through the door and points a gun at Finbar's head. It's a girl, who has a bag full of cash.

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