Violin For Sale - Part 1

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

A bullied boy called Gabriel wants to win the school talant competition. He's in love with the popular girl, though she don't look at him.

Now, how on earth will he win the competition? Will he get the girl of his dream?

Interested? If you dare, read this with the lights of! I hope you like it ;D

Violin For Sale - Part 1

The benches were seperated from each other, so all the students sat at a table for themselves. The spaces between them were about 90 inches. The classrooms had white and pale walls and the floors were gray. A wall facing the school yard, had four windows you could look out and behold the unimaginative outlook. Dark and gloomy sky, houses that looked the same, a basket for basketball make one to ask ''Why don't they buy a new one?'' and the weed in the school yard was hardly to miss.

Two gray eyes stared at the view from a classroom. They belonged to a boy sitting next to one of the windows. His bench was in the back of the room along with three other students.

''Gabriel!'' the teacher woke him up.

He glanced at the teacher, who looked back grimly.

''Can you come up...,'' said the teacher gently still with a frown, ''...and write on the board...'' he continued slowly, holding up his left hand with the white chalk, ''...what gravity means?''

Gabriel wished it existed enough of courage in him to say no, but like the classmates, he couldn't do anything but to obey.

He gulped, stood up from his seat, and went forward reluctantly. Gabriel kept his eyes on the chalk, he prefered not to see the teacher's strict face from close range. His hand shook a bit as he took the chalk and walked with few steps to the dark board, which he couldn't believe was so huge.

He swallowed again and raised his hand to the board. It shook violently, though it wasn't the worst. Everyone pierced their eyes on him and the heavy silence, would make a deaf hear if a needle dropped. Gabriel pressed the snow-white chalk against the board. Due to the imbalance in the hand, the chalk glided and created a squeaking sound. Sea of laughter filled the background and his cheeks became hot. He stood beside the blackboard, stiff like a stick, until someone pushed him and grabbed the chalk.

''Thanks Gabriel, you may go to your seat now,'' said the teacher coldly.

He kept his eyes on the floor, while his steps guided him to the bench. It was difficult for him to ignore the grimaces the others did. Finally he sat down, but even there they didn't leave him alone. When the teacher turned to the board, some looked in his direction and stuck out their tongues. Gabriel got the urge to cut off the tongues of them all.

The bell rang, Gabriel felt a little bit relieved, but not happy. Recess was equal to boring, stay away from the tough guys and loneliness for him. On his way out, Gabriel got halted of the teacher. No surprise.

''A half hour detention,'' he informed and as usual, his eyes was unpleasant, rigorous and ice blue.

Gabriel nodded slightly, he wouldn't forget it, in this way school wouldn't call home.

He threw the books in the locker and looked at his wrinkled schedule. In ten minutes would the lesson he disliked begin. He dug among the piles of books and paper, until he managed to find his counting book, math book and a taped together ruler.

When he locked the locker, he stopped and stared at a crowd of stundents standing in front of a bulletin board. They pointed, whispered and chattered. Gabriel stood on his toes, but impossible to see a glimpse of what it was now all been fond to. Therefore,the sense of hearing came to handy.

''I would like to participate,'' said one girl, while a dark-skinned boy added, ''With my rap song, I probably win.'' A boy of Chinese descent shook his head. ''No way, no one can beat dancing with elements of acrobatics.''

Gabriel guessed that it was about some kind ofcompetition and as the students went away, a colourful poster got stuck on the retina. He felt something he hadn't felt before, not in school anyway, the feeling of being interested. He got closer to the bulletin board and stood alone and stared at the title, ''Talent Competition.''

''No one of you will win, cause the winner is standing here!'' a familiar voice shouted, a voice Gabriel preferred to be deaf than have to hear.

Against his will, he moved his gaze to a big and long boy. Red-haired, freckled and a nose that was better suited on a pig. He had a ring in one ear and a mocking smile on his lips.

''Will you compete with one of your sad poems, Miss Mireille becomes teary-eyed by?'' Kevin wondered with teasing tone in his voice.

Behind him his gang laughed, all to keep up and not become victims of the school bully.

Gabriel's grip tightened on the ruler and he clenched his teeth, didn't want to say something that would make Kevin react the same way he had done with the computer nerd John. Broken nose, black eye and if you had bad luck, a cast arm.

''I''ll remember to take with me a stack of napkins, '' Kevin chuckled and threw a glance at his gang.

''I'm not going to participate,'' Gabriel pushed out, but sounded more like a whisper.

''What?'' the bully went forward with his left ear to Gabriel's face, who stepped back and liked to give him a hard slap.

''I won't be there,'' Gabriel respond higher.

''Great! Then we don't have to shed tears,'' Kevin teased.

The bell ranged, the miserable recess was over. Kevin pushed him aside and passed with the gang towards one of the school's exits, probably to cut class and smoke some cigarettes they managed to get from some high-school students.

You couldn't call Gabriel for swot, he just wanted to wriggle through the years that were left and didn't really care what future awaited him. The only passion was to spill emotions on apaper and create his poems. They really came from his heart, all sounded unhappy.

The classroom was half full and not in direct order. Crumpled paper lying on the floor, an airplane made of counting paper flew by Gabriel's shoulder, and he ducked as an eraser almost hit him.

''You think fast!'' stupid Luke laughed and chewed gum as usual.

All settled down when the teacher put her foot in the room.

''It's fascinating,'' she began with paper in her hand, ''you're in ninth grade and you behave like nine years old.''

Some broke out in laughter, including silly Patric and stupid Luke.

''Thanks for the compliment,'' Luke nodded boldly and blew a bubble.

''Spit out the gum, Luke,'' sighed the teacher, pointing at a bin near the door.

The boys whistled and clapped, while Luke's jaws moved faster.

''Either you throw it in the bin or you swallow it. You know the rules.''

He sat there. His cheeks raised to a little smile and the teeth continued to work. Many applauded. Gabriel stared at the wall clock, time passed.

''Oh childish you are!'' complained one, whose voice made Gabriel's heart beat little faster.

Luke smiled and looked at his left side.''Do you have problem, honey?'' he asked, raising an pierced eyebrow.

''Yes, indeed! You are my problem!''

It burned in Gabriel to look up at the face but he kept his eyes on a spot on the floor.

''Oops! Sorry then, miss adult!'' Luke rolled his eyes and enjoyed the laughter. ''I,'' Luke rose from his chair and rocked the shoulders to the sides as he walked, to appear cool, though more like an idiot according to Gabriel. When Luke was in front of the bin, he bent his back and turned his head to the person he spoke to. ''Spit my gum for your sake.''He rested his eyes on the person and spat askew. Gabriel held his hands over his ears, while most of the classmates clapped and howled. Stupid Luke took his cap in his hand and bowed to the standing ovations.

Can it just be more ridiculous? Gabriel thought.

''Thanks, Luke, now please sit down, '' said the teacher less delighted by the spectacle. ''Everyone who has been practicing for today's test, may continue to repeat, because we will not have time to run the test for the short time we have left,'' she sounded bitter and the swots of the class sighed.

Behind Gabriel some rejoiced and Luke got a lot of praise.

''Let's work efficiently, minutes shouldn't be wasted,''said the teacher aloud. ''Open your book Luke...Come on Patric...I want to see some resolved data Sandra...''

From the corner of his eyes Gabriel glanced at a person, whose back was facing him, so there was no risk of being detected with staring. Long straight hair in chestnut colour surged down the back. The more Gabriel's eyes absorbed what they saw, the more he wanted to venture forward and let a hand gently caress the hair.

''Miss, I'm done with everything,'' said the lovely voice.

Gabriel quickly lowered his gaze to the boring math book, as the teacher rounded his bench and went to the student he had watched.

''Typical you, Artemis,''said the teacher proud.

Smart, popular and a perfect face. God had given her everything, as opposed to him. Almost all the guys at school wanted to boast that they were a couple, but the truth was that no one had seen her in company with any of them. Some who got turned down, had a theory that she wasn't interested in boys, while other claimed that Artemis spent time with special people who didn't go in their school. What did Gabriel belive on? He hesitated at all the rumours, though one thing was certain. There was no chance that she would be his. Artemis threw rarely a glance at him and Gabriel suspected that she couldn't even his name.

''We stop there and don't forget now that we have a test on Thursday, '' informed the teacher.

The students left the classroom and Gabriel was the last one to go over the threshold.

After English was another boring school day ended, another unhappy day in Gabriel's life had passed away. Soon he would be home, all alone.

Submitted: August 07, 2010

© Copyright 2021 Candy1000. All rights reserved.

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good chapter. love the names. lol greek.

Sat, August 7th, 2010 10:29pm


Thanks for the comment!;) lol, I like some greek names;D

Sun, August 8th, 2010 4:39am


Awesome story when I read it I just couldn't stop and the last part of it became creepy and well..... just a movie I love it!!!!!!!!

Mon, August 9th, 2010 9:55am


Thank you;)

Mon, August 9th, 2010 3:35am

Keyshira Jackson

Great Chapter! I really like the last part. It's really creepy.

Sat, August 14th, 2010 3:10pm


Thanks for your comment!;)

Sun, August 15th, 2010 3:18am


.....Good chapter, it was good you will have to keep me updated, tell me when you post the next part. Also you had some grammer mistakes like it said 'the bell ranged' and it suppose to be 'the bell rung.' but that's no big deal, you will catch on, I still do stuff like that too!!

Would you be intrested in reading my twilight fan fictions?? I have three up, but if you can't i completly understand but could you please leave a note on my page telling me that you will not be reading them, thanks.

Sun, August 15th, 2010 11:43am


Thanks for your comment;) Lol, I saw the grammer mistake too, but I guess I should work more on that:) I liked to read twilight fan fictions, sounds interesting.

Mon, August 16th, 2010 4:44am


You feel for Gabriel in this, talk about been put on the spot doing the walk to the chalk board, oh sweet memories. lol ;-), nice read.

Sat, August 21st, 2010 11:54am


Thanks for your comment;) yes, memories lol:)

Mon, August 23rd, 2010 2:11am


loved it :p

Tue, September 28th, 2010 1:22pm


Thank you;D

Thu, September 30th, 2010 9:44pm

Graeme Montrose

Very interesting story, i like it

Sun, October 10th, 2010 5:01am


Thanks for your comment and I'm glad you like it;)

Sun, October 10th, 2010 9:01pm

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