Violin For Sale - Part 2

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

A bullied boy called Gabriel wants to win the school talant competition. He's in love with the popular girl, though she don't look at him.

Now, how on earth will he win the competition? Will he get the girl of his dream?

Interested? If you dare, read this with the lights of! I hope you will like it ;D

Violin For Sale - Part 2

Dad had left mom, the day he found out that she was pregnant. Disappeared and never returned back to his family. Mom was depressed for a while, crunched tranquilizers, chain-smoked and drank alcohol over and over again. The Social Services warned to take Gabriel away from her, the only one she had in this world, so she stepped up and took the life with new hands. Though the depression had left it's mark. Sometimes she wept for nothing, the smoking of cigarettes was only four fewer than before and Gabriel had taken her in flagrante delicto, when she had planned to swallow some sleeping pills with whisky.

Now mom was working day and night and days she didn't work, were spent with visits to the psychologist, who made her views on life a little better.

Gabriel stepped into the tiny apartement, threw the rugsack and turned on the stereo with the latest Green Day album he had afford to buy, at full volume and leaned down on a second-hand couch.

Music made his brain cells work better. In addition to Artemis, he thought about the talent competition. It sounded most unlikely, but imagine if he won.The whole school would have their eyes on him and Artemis wished they had been together. Heat filled his body from head to toe.

The question was, what would he deliver? He, Gabriel Wall, the unpopular school student. Sure, he was good at poetry, but it's definitely not enough to claim the title, it took a lot more.


The next day was only the competition that etched on the head of Gabriel. After having contrived some ideas, he came up with something.

When school came to an end of the day, He went to a shop near where he lived. It was extraordinary, there they sold antiquarian things, people no longer wanted. You could bargain a lot and the prices were cheap. Over the shop itself, rested a cozy and quite mysterious atmosphere that Gabriel fancied.

He reached for the entrance but stopped. Retreated a few steps and turned to the shopwindow. Between a hand painted porcelain plate and a small sculpture of Jimi Hendrix, was an object in his favorite colour and it would work well for a competition.

Gabriel had been stuck for a black violin. It didn't seem very old, if you compared with things next to it. The colour flashed, maybe because a brush dipped in varnish had stroked the violin. The strings were extremely thin and oddly enough, two strings was dark, one bright and one red.

Gabriel squinted and saw that the price tag gave the amount of money he had in his pockets. Though a voice gnawed in the head. ''Don't forget the common sense.'' His mother used to say that, but still a lot of money got wasted for cigarettes.

But how on earth will he have time to learn one of the most difficult instruments within a week? Lessons took time and money wasn't enough. It remained an option, to admit that itnot gonna work and give up the dream to compete on the talent competition.

How ironic, I have no talent, thought Gabriel disappointed and like a loser, he slipped his hand over the glass, while his steps took him away from the shop and he got further and further away from the violin.

''Hey, lad! Stop! Stop I said!''

Gabriel shouldn't have put his hand on the shopwindow, now he would probably have to pay for having polluted the glass. Impulse to run went through him, but instead he turned on his heel.

A young man, fit to be twenty-eight years old, was tall, slim and broad-shouldered. Gabriel's hair reached to his shoulders, but the man's was a bit longer, though, like the boy, the hair colour was raven black. The man wore a dark hat that reminded Gabriel on one he had owned, but it got thrown by his mom and she never gave a reason for why shehated that hat.

Gabriel got eye contact with the stranger. The man's left eye was hidden by an eye patch just like a pirate. The eye you could see was bright green and glittered like a jewel. His gaze was intense and lips adorned with a smile. Gabriel hoped he didn't blushed.

''My name is Adrian,'' the man stretched out his hand with roguishsmile.

''Gabriel,'' replied Gabriel.

''I noticed that something in the shopwindow caught your eye,'' Adrian smiled.

Gabriel glanced down at his sneakers. ''I just watched a bit,'' he said and wondered fromwhere the man had seen him.

Maybe he saw wrong, but Adrian's shadow wasn't fixed on the ground though Gabriel's did. Perhaps the sun beamed only on him. Gabriel forced his eyes to be raised from the ground. Adrian looked at him with his big eyes and the admirable nice smile.

''Come on, say what you liked,'' Adrian blinked.

No one usually wanted to know what he liked, except his mom.

''Well...I can't use it, so...,'' tried Gabriel.

''You can certainly find itof use,'' Adrian nodded and put his index finger against his temple, ''Let me guess...hmm...could it be the violin?''

The man didn't gave up until Gabriel pointed at the thing his eyes snapped up.

''It's the violin,'' Gabriel sighed and glanced around.

Was this really a good idea? What if everyone would laugh at him, or rather, it will happen for one whohas no ideaof how to play violin.

''Follow me, we'll take a closer look at it,'' Adrian pointed at the shop.

''You know...the problem is...,'' Gabriel hesitated.

''You come with me, it doesn't harm.''

The only green eye, convinced Gabriel that the man wanted to help him. Somehow.

The two walked into the shop. Smell of old and little dust filled Gabriel's sense of smell. A fragrance that belonged to not so brand new stuff.

Adrian stretched his longarms and grabbed the instrument.

''Um...I think we should wait for Mr.Mark, the guy who runs this place,'' said Gabriel.

Adrian laughed softly.

''I'm working for him temporarily,'' he said more seriously. ''Tell me, Gabriel, you have never played violin, right?''

Gabriel nodded.

''You don't need to,'' said Adrian with a lower voice and his eyes rested on him. ''You probably think that sounds weird, but I assure you, if you have it in your blood, indescribable tones will arise from this violin.''

He handed the violin to Gabriel. The uncertainty was left in him. Like many vendors, Adrian didn't wanted to be lower and therefore used all tricks to cheat the customer.

''But what if I don't have it in my blood?'' Gabriel wondered and examined Adrian's unchanged facial expression.

Adrian took the violin from him and with the bow in the right hand, he stressed the strings and closed his eye. The tones tickled Gabriel's ears and reminded him of Artemis. Mournful sounds destroyed his thought and he got reminded of who he was.

''Among many who owned this violin, I am one of them,'' Adrian stopped play. ''If I were you, discovered a violin for sale, not expensive at all, and also got information that there is no need to know how to play, I would definitely put the money on the table. Remember Gabriel, never say no, until you have tasted.''

Adrian whispered the last thing. His eye held Gabriel's attention with force and his voice was quite drawling. The next moment, Gabriel dug up some cash and then he was the new owner of the black violin. The last words he heard before he left the shop;

''When you play, release everything you have hidden within you.''

Submitted: August 19, 2010

© Copyright 2021 Candy1000. All rights reserved.

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Holly Hawiye

You could have just written this as a novel. But whatever, it is still good and reminds me of a boy I knew years ago. Good job.

Thu, August 19th, 2010 7:52pm


Thanks for your comment;)

Fri, August 20th, 2010 3:41am


it's getting more thrilling here at this part 2 and Adrian is little creepy and this part is awesome too!!!

Sat, August 21st, 2010 9:57am


Thank you very much for your comment and it will get more thrilling;)

Sat, August 21st, 2010 3:33am

Graeme Montrose

really good

Sun, October 10th, 2010 5:00am


Thank you;)

Sun, October 10th, 2010 9:02pm

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