Violin For Sale - Part 3

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

A bullied boy called Gabriel wants to win the school talant competition. He's in love with the popular girl, though she don't look at him.

Now, how on earth will he win the competition? Will he get the girl of his dream?

Interested? If you dare, read this with the lights of!Hope you will like it ;D

Violin For Sale - Part 3

The time went really not as a snail's pace. The big day was approaching and preparations were under way. The scene where the participants would perform on, enlarged and dozens of chairs for spectators got pressed together and formed lines. The janitor mounted lights, the music teacher helped those who needed music to their performances and two students whose interest was to lead the event, discussed what they should say.

Far away from school, in a small room, Gabriel was practicing on his violin. Blinds were felled down because of the dazzling rays of the sun. Nothing was going to interfer his concentration. With the bow in his hand, he stressed the strings gently.

Now Gabriel was able to master the instrument, you just needed to release your innermost feelings. Tricky maybe, but not for any emotional person like him, or what was it the man said? That you should have it in your blood? Anyway, he used the same technique, in which his poems came down on paper. Even there the feelings were the key.

After hours of playing, he could feel empty inside. He wasn't sure, but Gabriel wondered if the violin gave side effects. When he went to bed at night, he dreamed about an Indian, about a rich woman, sometimes appeared a shadowy man and once played a girl with red curly hair. All dreams ended with that he saw how they all died and everyone didn't die peaceful. One night he watched reluctantly a man getting cut into pieces of wolves with razor sharp teeth, a woman getting drowned by her husband and most awful of them all, people shouting and pointing hysterically beneath a cliff, where among rocks, a small body was lying,lifeless with red curls covering the face.

Gabriel always woke up with a heart that could break out of his cheast. Yet, when he imagined Artemis facial features, eyes, lips and voice, he refused to give up.


The mother walked slowly into her son's room, where she could hear soft music from. For the first time her ears wasn't forced to listen to pop-rock or punk songs. But this music had something sad, reminded her to much about him. After all, he left something.

She looked puzzled at Gabriel, who stood near his bed, facing the mirror and probably in another world, far away from her.

It's incredible, he's playing violin, his mother thought.

It explained why the memories she tried to kill had shaken to life.

The music stopped and the mother sat down at the edge of the bed. She saw him less and less, especially now when she wasworking night shift. The whole day went to sleep and rest the tired body, until night and then like a vampire, she went out to work. Life ran away from her, but she didn't want Gabriel to be affected. He's the only reason she wake up, work and live.

''You got his talent,'' she smiled tired.

''Did dad play violin?''asked Gabriel curious and surprised.

They didn't talk about him very much and she refused to say his name.

''Yes, he really played with heart and brain... never had notes in front of him, as if he created all up there,'' said the mother, pointing at her head.

Gabriel didn't believe that. ''Could everything by heart perhaps,'' he suggested.

''No, Gabriel, his songs went straight in...the soul of one,'' she nodded, ''He played like nobody else, each song sounded like a story he wanted to convey.''

The mother was unable to find the right words, difficult to describe the feeling the music surrounded one with.

''Mom,'' Gabriel began and stood on the same spot,'' how did dad look like?''

She didn't want to think of him. ''I don't remember,'' she answered shortly.

Gabriel wasn't satisfied, he clenched his teeth. ''Have you forgotten his eyes too?'' he wondered, because he got his gray ones from his mother.

She couldn't hurt him further more. ''They were pretty big and brown.''

The colour was a lie, but her son would never know that.

''How many years were you when he went?''

Damn it! Now he took the opportunity to get information of her. ''I'm really tired, better go to bed...''

Gabriel interrupted. ''You will make it worse! You will only feel worser if you don't open up!''

Unfortunately, he was right.

''I was young...about twenty-six years old...he was two years older,''she told the truth.

The mother got up from the bed. ''His dream was to learn everyone to play violin and actually he started a business,'' she said, and continued in a hoarse voice, ''Everything seemed to go up for us, but then, suddenly he was gone.''

''Have you ever thought of other reasons?'' comforted Gabriel,''What if he had to because of something? Or maybe something had happened to him?''

The boy was smart, had suspect same thing she had known all these years, but given her son a false reason, so he wouldn't bother about who he's father really was and let her wipe away the memory of him. Though on this day the picture of him appeared in the head. She didn't want to feel pain in her chest again.

''I don't want to talk about your father more,'' her voice shook and she blinked away tears.

The mother walked fast out of the room, but when she was about to close the door, she met the eyes of her son. His face was expressionless, his eyes blank and his mouth like a straight line. Gabriel looked cute when he smiled, but these days she saw her son less and less happy.

I should have stopped you from coming to this world, I should blame myself.

The mother stood at the doorway, cleared her throat and hoped the voice wouldn't let her down. ''Your father told me that he was going to work late one night in a supermarket.''

Gabriel nodded.

''But the next morning he didn't come home and not the day after. I went to the supermarket, asked for him, Guess what they replied.''

Gabriel shrugged.

''That night, he hadn't set his foot there. I got obviously surprised and upset, asked his friends, but like me they had no idea where he was. Then I concluded he had left me and I never got the opportunity to tell him thatwe're going to have a baby.''

Free from a guilty conscience, she closed the door.


After shower he put on a snow-white shirt, rolled up the sleeves and let the collar be untucked. Black jeans was best suited and a pair of Converse was good enough for the feet. He combed his hair, but the fringe remained a bit rumpled. He looked at himself in the mirror. The gray eyes shone, the lips were bulging slightly and the skin wasn't too pale. Gabriel gave the mirror image a faint smile. Tonight he liked to be Gabriel, tonight he didn't want to be someone else.

Submitted: August 29, 2010

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I love this one too =)
it rules!

Fri, September 3rd, 2010 8:32am


Thank you Crissie!;)

Fri, September 3rd, 2010 2:38am

Graeme Montrose

Keep it up quite intriguing

Sun, October 10th, 2010 5:02am


Thank you;)

Sun, October 10th, 2010 9:02pm

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