Violin For Sale - Part 6 (completed)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

A bullied boy called Gabriel wants to win the school talant competition. He's in love with the popular girl, though she don't look at him.

Now, how on earth will he win the competition? Will he get the girl of his dream?

Interested? If you dare, read this with the lights of! Hope you like it;D

Normally, Monday was the worst day, the beginning of a week, but not this one. Artemis sometimes talked to him, suggested that he would take a seat at the their table when they had lunch and helped him with some math tasks, as the teacher was facing the other way. For the first time, a school memory got stored in his brain. After school, they agreed to meet at her house.

Gabriel brought his violin. Sure, it was useless, but it doesn't matter. He would tell it's secret for Artemis.

He came closer to her house, but quickly he hid behind a tree. A few feet from him, Artemis got hugged by a young man, perhaps twenty years old. Combed back hair, tanned complexion, fit body and dressed in white from head to toe. Artemis kissed him on the cheek, he put something in his pocket, waved and left.

Gabriel's heart was crushed. He won nothing after the competition. As usual, he was and always will be a loser.


The door bell rang, had Daniel forgotten something? Artemis opened the door. Then she remembered. He was going to teach her how to play violin.

''Hey! I'm so glad you came,'' she said and didn't lie, she was really happy.

''It's just impossible to say no to you,'' Gabriel blushed.

Gabriel acted more mature than the other guys at school. Her stomach turned when she sometimes discovered that his gray eyes stared at her. He was special, especially after that evening he had performed. She had been unable to stop herself, therefore she followed after him. That night,in his arms, her heart had beaten at the same pace with his.

''Nobody's home, we're alone,'' she said and enjoyed to have pronounced ''we''. ''You have your violin with you. Let's go up to my room, my violin is up there.''


Mrs. Sparrmann took her usual one hour walk. Many admired her for keeping herself in very good shape for her age. Her face had been entrusted with nature, that the soul was feeling good was more important. Her solution was the right food and exercise.

She passed the Stevenson's house, very nice neighbours who had well-mannered children. The parents were both doctors.

A strange music could be heard from their house. Mrs. Sparrman stopped and listened sharply. Creeping, unhappy, loving and sad tones. It sounded as if someone played a violin, but who? The person deserved some praise.

She pressed a button, no one opened. Then she saw that the door was unlocked. Cautiously she peered in, the music continued. She called the names of the family members, no one answered. The hall smelled pungent, a strange odour her nose didn't adore. The music stopped, though Mrs. Sparrman understood that the music came from the daughter's room. The door was wide open.

''Artemis,'' she shouted from the stairs.

Completely silent. Something was really wrong.

Quickly she went out to the porch, took up her cell phone from the pocket of her jacket and pressed three numbers. Nine, one, one.


A young man entered the shop of old and antique things. The skin was sunburned and perfect in white. His hair glistened of hair gel.

''Hey, Mr. Mark,'' smiled the man, ''good to see you again. How was your holiday?''

''Good,'' nodded the shop owner Mr. Mark, ''You see, Daniel, break from work was necessary for me. I spent more time with my wife, with my grandchildren and simply rested. So, how is it going with your studies?''

''Pretty good,'' said the young man whose name was Daniel. ''Today is my birthday and I got the first gift from my sister.''

''Happy birthday! How is Artemis? I don't see her often.''

''She's fine, the whole family does.''

From the left jeans pocket, Daniel pulled out some money, the gift from his sister. Mr. Mark smiled broadly and they walked towards the shop window.

''Did any one work here when you were away?'' asked Daniel.

''In three weeks the shop was closed, I found nobody,'' said Mr. Mark.

'' You didn't trust anyone,'' Daniel blinked and the both laughed.

Between a hand-painted porcelain plate and a statue of Jimi Hendrix, Mr. Mark took an old toy car that looked like a veteran car, another one Daniel could add to his collection.

The End



Submitted: October 15, 2010

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Alreay done?? Buhuuuu cry cry!!
Shouldn't so soon so early cry!
But I love it so much and I say Te amo Gabriel miss u
Bien Bien!!!!!!

Sat, October 16th, 2010 2:14am


Yes, I'm done!;) Thank you very much for your comment;))))

Sun, October 17th, 2010 1:37am


awww... poor Gabriel -cries a little- it was a very good story and kept me on my toes ^^. Nicely done!

Sat, October 16th, 2010 3:52am


Thank you very much for your comments!;) I'm very glad that you have read my story and told me your opinion about it. It means a lot to me;) Thank you:)

Sun, October 17th, 2010 1:40am

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