BANG six times

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This room is cold.

its so dark,

my fingers hurt,

sub zero,


hard metal on my hand,

I can't break this state.

icebergs float in this room,

each one,

a painful memory..

their tips,

beautiful beautiful lies.

am I perfect?

I guess so..

submerge in cold water,

so much weight in my hand!

grip hard on silver steel..

my palm bleeds,

I sink,

descent into darkness..

beautiful girl,

so concerned,

its imperceptive!


are you curious?

there are six chambers,

only one bullet.

burning temperature,

frozen barrel.

cold blue water,

refreshing abyss.

pull back on the hammer,



life's roulette?

I refuse another chance..

hey girl,

with the pretty face,

let this go...

I wish to be reminded,

of true pain..

grit my teeth,

squeeze the trigger!


a second chance??

you spare me in vein...

this reflection,

on this iceberg,

haunts me!

I plunge deeper,

let the shadows consume me.

open my mouth,

frozen breath,

bubbles of faith..


raise to the surface.

my mouth is open,

bite hard on the metal,

blast the plague in my brain..

pull the trigger.


saved again???

sweet girl,

you can't fix me!

fear is afraid of me,

its terrified,

too scared to drown,

fear is a coward!

no more feeling,

completely numb...

even pain eludes me,

I may be dying,

my dreams still LIVE.

be happy,

I was..

I'm to bad for you,

my kiss is toxic,

my arms are machines,

my hands are claws,

my eyes pierce into nonexistence.




you play with me,


pretty girl,

I love that smile,

the last sunshine,

in my frozen world.

how I need you,

my words are acid,

innocent ears...


I'm furious!

useless weapon,



How lucky,

I still live...

are you blind?????

if not this way,

then I claim you all..

I don't need your souls,

my own is incomplete,

already split in two.

I'm supposed to save lives,

I have a purpose,


I'm not artificial,

because I want you.

hey super girl,

with a name like future,

you make it hard to resist..

this is for you,

I pull back time,

show me the saved,

and I wont squeeze this trigger.


the saved are to come,

be lead under me...

I knew you'd say that,

tell them I'll miss the party,

tell them I'll be running late,

tell them I love them..

till then,

see you,

sweet future.


Submitted: October 28, 2011

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I love it. I literally cant think of anything else to say about it. I've never read a poem b4 this that made me feel anything. :)

Wed, November 2nd, 2011 10:05pm


thank you :)

Wed, November 2nd, 2011 3:07pm

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