Body Language:

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This is THEATER of black, STARS are your spotlights...

Oooh! SWEET girl say it! DANCE for me!

That body BOOMS to the BASS like giant speakers in my head,

the way YOU MOVE makes my MIND go blank!

Come on talk to me! Your BODY tells me everything!

Those BEAUTIFUL legs tell me a million SECRETS,

Your CURVES hold the topic of DREAMS.

The way you GET LOW makes the earth SHAKE with seismic WAVES!

You BOUNCE, my world cracks!

BANGING body distorts the air AROUND me!

That thing you have SHAKING on your back is AMAZING!

Your hands recite SONGS of EXCITEMENT,

I want to EXPLORE and DISCOVER every spot that makes you sing!

Your NECK and SHOULDERS make the moon above me TREMBLE!!!

The way your hair says what YOU WANT makes me build up INSIDE!

Your piercing eyes WHISPER to me, I KNOW ALL your fantasies!

Sweet orbs on your CHEST gleam, you HYPNOTIZE me!

Your SWAYING tummy vocalizes everything your always WANTED,

Those amazing hips SCREAM for me! they BECKON and ALLURE me to come closer!!

You GRIND to the BEAT of my heart, my voice BOOMS through my teeth!!

That body MOVES to the music from my SOUL!!

It VIBRATES on the earth's core, HOTTER the the sun's surface!!

your dance is like a SUPER NOVA!!

The way your TONGUE plays on your LIPS makes me HOWL like a wolf!!!

Saturn's blue rings AROUND your wrists mark your MOVEMENTS,

my breath WRAPS on your neck, its EMBRACE makes your skin TINGLE!

Your BODY speaks UNIVERSALLY, my HEART communicates through you!

Orion's belt around you WAIST, asteroids are attracted to your ALLURE.

Cosmic ENERGY flows through you, your veins carry blood CHARGED with lightning!

You make me speak SPANISH, JAPANESE, FRENCH, and ITALIAN!!!!!

"I LOVE YOU" in every LANGUAGE!!

Comets BURN! in your hands, my eyes GLOW icy blue! 

Galaxies FALLOW your dace in the background, super MASSIVE black hole suck the BREATH out of my lungs!

MY sweet GIRL, you speak that INTERPLANETARY language!



Submitted: November 18, 2011

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