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Desolate place,

merciless desert,

this rage kicks up a dust storm!

abrupt wild reflexes,

twisting turning to any subtle movement.

nothing to rise against me,

vultures eat my fallen,

my spine charges,

from my core to my fingertips,

I have a lust for carnage!!!

I yearn to feel my claws tearing into skin,

my veins sadistically scream and plea for pain!!!

the back of my throat,

sore with echoes,

I HOWL for blood!

this violence is a severe mental disease,

plaguing my brain with nightmares,

I regret holding back!

this sick ferocity,

what a lovely smirk I have,

my teeth grind with misery.

my laughter booms through time,

this insane sound piercing,

all these bones rattle in symphony!

a mist of black smoke pours from my mouth,

polluting all around me,

sick contaminants scourge the land.

my scythe,

death in its gleam.

the blade reverberates as I slice souls,

screaming waves heard all miles around,

panic sweeps the land.

here I come.....

you're an ant to me,

I'll crush you.

you pale in comparison,

you are nothing!


who am I?


stand against me!

you dare think it possible?

fight me,

there is only one hope.



Submitted: October 10, 2011

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