Day's light, Night's fleeting dream.

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They find themselves transported... simply running, not knowing where to go, evoking a sheer drive of instinct. Its an orange forest of gold, it's autumn winds push her impulsively as she runs for the enticing thrill of being chased. He runs after her with a sweet warm smile that expresses his intentions of excitement and lust, it evokes a carnal and veracious appetite for her body, yet at the same time he experiences a powerful sense of affection and tender feelings of amorousness towards her. Her sweet scent is an alluring and welcoming cherubic hymn that entices a strong drive that erupts the hunter within. Could he be in love?

Table of Contents

Autumn Dream

This is an island, its surrounding waters seclude them from the rest of the world, trees awaken with life as they twist and shift carving a labyrinth which only augments their thrilling chase. Read Chapter