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You run through my mind as I wake,

your face cuts through me like a razor,

those eyes awaken my curiosity,

that soft skin overwhelms me,

"have you ever realized you were in a dream?"

I feel tortured when you're away,

distance makes me completely incomplete!

you wear my heart around your neck,

everyday I keep walking the same streets,

there are so many distractions,

cars pass by, people make noise,

my world is alive.

texts from you kick start my lungs,

my breathing gets heavy,

my eyes light up,

your messages charge my days.

you call, and every ring lasts forever,

the blood in my body charges with lightning,

I answer... heaven connects me to an angel.

you run your mouth, tell me about your day,

all I can do is smile...

I get to work set myself up,

I pick up my brush, all I see is you in my mind!!

start to paint, I can't recall actually working,

with you fueling me, I begin.. and before I know it,

I'm finished...

I don't even realize,

the day passed me by,

I'm powerless, you got to me,

to strongly mad for you,

my mind?

already lost it in you.

I walk home always looking up,

the nights here are starry,

music on my headphones,

I sing aloud so the whole world can hear!

across the road, you walk by,

I freeze... the molecules in my body lunge themselves at you.

your body is like a magnet to me.

I catch your eye, you run to me,

always hug me tightly, I never get a word out,

you kiss me before I can speak...

you're so freakin Amazing,

we walk home together, your arm round me,

my hand on your waist,

I just can't contain it, to have you so close..

there's a SUPER NOVA in my chest!!!!

I turn your head, look into your eyes...


"Hey beautiful girl,"


those eyes play with my soul..

your voice, angelic siren..

all your attention on me,

you wonder what's in my head,

always trying to figure out my mystery.


"I want you to know..."




Submitted: November 18, 2011

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