fall for Love

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Fall for LOVE'

Start running,

go fast!

step hard,

step fast,

move quickly,

be swift,

you need the speed.

run! run! run!

keep trotting,

run full,

feel your veins,

boiling hot!

feel the spring in you feet,

air around your ears,

let the wind lift you,




and higher!

now fly!

you need no wings,

you're a rocket,

jump on clouds.

touch the sun,

burst through the atmosphere!

reach for the stars,

skip on the moon,

super sonic,

run on light speed,

reach heaven,

race with angles.

look down,

see the one you love,

gaze into their eyes,

enjoy the feeling.

now plunge!

just fall,

space is brisk,

keeps your eyes on them.

display your emotions,

can you see them see you?

don't be afraid,

say I love you,

take the risk,

only two possibilities,




Falling is better than not knowing,

high five the moon,

pierce the atmosphere,

let the air comb your hair,

take the clouds with you,

your target is close.

scream out,

confess your love!

this is why you fell,

let them know.

close your eyes,

open your lips,

land on theirs,

your kiss can explain without words,

its your massage,

let them know,

you fell for



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