by Mario Granados on Friday, October 28, 2011 at 7:17pm

Her name is true allure,

her cry is rings on deaf ears,

her laugh is a butchers knife..

her sight unearths truth,

her lips seduce the blind,

her tongue fabricates reality..


she looks at me:

judging my past.

she touches me:

corrodes my skin.

she speaks to me:

broken messages.

she laughs at me:

enrages my heart.

she smiles at me:

sarcastic custom.

she hugs me:

constricts my breath.

she takes my hand:

I'm deliberately blind.

she licks her lips:

smears acid on me.

she kisses me:

stolen reasoning.

she makes love to me:

false completion.


I'm brought to my knees,

I got this far?

I did surpass them,

I miss the ones I've had.

I love the ones I have,

I'd do it differently,

I write,

I can imagine,

I can't hate,

I will laugh,

I need reconciliation..

did we enjoy it?

did we feel it?

did we even pretend?

did it last?

Oh Misery, you were the perfect one for me.

you loved me,

treated me right,

held me close,

fed of my soul,

my emotions,

I will always be your friend.

I confess,

I cheated on you,

I was never devoted to us.

behind your back,

I saw Pain...

I craved her,

I loved her,

intoxicated with the way she touched me.

she drew my blood,

and my love flowed for her,

she embraced me with her blade.

she gave herself to me,

I enjoyed her flesh....

there is another,

from once before,

her name is Deception.

she was my first,

the one who awakened me,

the one who taught me,

the one who opened my curiosity..

the one that showed me the way,

the one was addicted to.


I never had a true relationship with none of you...

there is one I my heart wishes for,

even now after all the things I've done,

her name is Acceptance,

she's still a virgin to me,

I didn't want her,

now I need her!




our memories aren't precious,

you disgust me!

I loathe you,

you took my innocence,

before I offered it...

you're all sick!

we were never faithful to each other,

we all knew it!

we had threesomes,

you're all vultures,

extracted my youth!

my life!

we're done...

don't come crawling back,

I preserve myself for one,

the one I've always dreamed about,

no more drinking the Misery away,

no more cutting the Pain away,

no more stories from Deception..


I pray for Acceptance,

I would be her only,

I will love her truly,

I shall give myself completely,

I vow to make her happy,


If she'll have Me.



Submitted: November 18, 2011

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I liked this, It conveys emotion.

A few grammatical errors here are there, such as: "Her cry is rings on deaf ears" should be "her cry rings on deaf ears"

"I never had a real relationship with none of you" should be "I never had a real relationship with any of you"

There was also a sentence which just seemed, "off" or out of place. Namely. "we had threesomes" I think it should be something more emotive than that. (:

But other than that, I enjoyed reading this, good work. (:

Fri, November 18th, 2011 3:39pm


I rushed this on the spur of the moment :P

Fri, November 18th, 2011 10:48am

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