Half empty soul...

my spirit is half full,

I am nothing, NOTHING,

without GOD to BELIEVE in..

I'm dependent on HOLY breath..

ANCIENT book full of eternal secrets.

black and white words kill without SPIRIT.

this is the fallen world, DOMAIN of the prince.

I was born DEAD, the blood of the LAMB saved me.

my daily struggle.. deep devotion to conquer the flesh.

ever-lying romances... Eternal, sweet unconditional LOVE..

Adorned mask, my permanent smile hides this SILVER tongue.

He speaks to me, I'm always busy... how do I ignore my creator?

without the SPIRIT I can't breathe, just a deceased walking CORPSE.

black hole, I just want attention.. so parched for glory... sad EXISTENCE.

my curiosity will never be quenched till I find the truth!!! the seed of faith.

predetermination? I only have two roads, the HEAVEN above, or HELL below...

its much easier, CONVENIENT if there were no such thing, all the unconvincing lies!

I can't trust in MAN.. I can't trust myself... my fall is on the same SIN, I can recognize.

Guilty conscience, no matter how I look at it, I need LOVE. without it, I'm truly INCOMPLETE

He who made the CLOCK is nothing without HE who made TIME.. and I without GOD [-am only half a MAN-]


Submitted: November 18, 2011

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