Open your eyes,

say thank you..

and remember...

every day of your life,

thank him for everything,

the good,

the bad,





Every second,

of every day,

he's there.

when you can't find the words...

he listens.

when you don't know what to do,

he guides you.

he's always held your hand...

your everything to him,

every wish,

every thought,

every memory,


~You can share with him~


Heaven rejoiced on the day of your birth,

you're his daughter,

his precious jewel.

he has the best for you.

his son's blood was shed for you,

when you smile,

his heart jumps!

when you cry,

his arms become your castle.


~He loves you~


He gave you family,

your happiness is their daily goal.

he has a beautiful future,

them man of your dreams,

the house you've always imagined,

filled with children,

alive with noise.


~Your guide~



you touch a life.

your words resonate,

droplets of wisdom in someones mind.

you have many brothers and sisters,

blood doesn't matter.

Love is unconditional...


~The world is yours~


Now close your eyes,

say a prayer,

reflect on your life.

and smile for him.

make him feel special,

just like the day you were born.




Be happy,

no matter how dark,

how hard,

or how terrible,

his hand is there.

open your eyes once more,

search your heart,

go spread your joy,

share it with the world!

go have fun,

and touch someones life,

just like mine.


~Happy birthday!


Submitted: November 18, 2011

© Copyright 2023 Candymyne. All rights reserved.

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