Little Blue: Azul's Letter.

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little blue boy,

wanna hear my secret?

I'm not blue anymore,

I'm a comet now!

thank you,

for having survived through all that.

Dear, Blue:


I was wondering,

can I sing you a tune?

can you tell me what's wrong?

I know what goes through that mind,

lately I thought of you.

don't say anything,

why so silent?


Hey there little blue boy,

smile please.

you crouch in the corner,

there must be something bothering you.

it's ok little blue,

they matter not,

simple words shouldn't hurt.

stop fighting little blue,

it's a unending cycle,

these scars need to heal,

little blue where did you get these?

......that's right...

self inflicted.....

want peace?

tranquil that mind of yours,

why hate the world?

you love pain,

indiscriminate thoughts,

your core tingles with murderous intent.

little blue, your selfish...

I know you suffer,

but what can I do?

little blue I miss you,

what caused you so much damage?

you're a danger to yourself...

smile little blue,

I'll sing,

you can whistle my tune.

I go back in time through these words,

I'm actually chronically challenged.

don't scorn me,

I've changed,


matured by experience,

more trials come your way,

little blue memory,

I came to write you a hug.

you needed to be held,

well I'm here now,

smile for me little blue.

I bring a message,

in the back of your mind,

in the deepest part,

there is a gift,

something only yours,


a growing crown.

did you not know?

it's been there all along...

don't waste it,

your love is the key.

that torn heart will heal,

those scars will close,

believe me... I know.

promise me,

you wont do anything stupid..

smoke, toxic lies...

drink the pain away,

avoid your rage...

little blue don't be afraid,

ask me for help..

one day you will shine,

a mighty blue,

a sky blue,

your heart,

not as cold as ice.

a beautiful blue.

shine in a someone's eyes,

become the big blue.

an ocean of life still ahead,

and a dreamer's romantic sky..

so far,

I can fly to Neptune,

can you go further?

little blue boy,

wanna hear my secret?

I'm not blue anymore,

I'm a comet now!

thank you,

for having survived through all that.

listen little blue,

you'll be just like ME,

your crown has grown so much,

don't forget our to whistle our tune.


with much Love,





Submitted: October 10, 2011

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