Our Moment*


Here we go,

just one more time,

we find ourselves again.


I want your body,

let me enter you mind,

my desire to feel your emotions..


Let's explore inch by inch our imaginations,

we play in our daydreams,

me and you,


always looking for opportunities,

silly little reasons..


You know where I am,

your place is here,

under my arms..


You know how I feel,

I've been dying to see you,

its been so long,

you went your way,

I went mine.


I understood the girl you were,

we messed up,

my arrogance,


your ego,


we're were young...


Our past made us who we are,

we go so long without even one word,

we never could truly confess our fears,

Oh, I wish you knew,

even taken,

I still saw your face.


You love how crazy I am,

you adore nerdy habits,

you enjoy my difference.


Silly girl,

you're a sneaky snake,

slither into my dreams.


My favorite dork!

we would tell funny stories,

you'd laugh forever,

I sighed,

you ran out of breath.


To kiss those lips,

just one time,

I'd leave you asphyxiated.


We shall have our peace,

a secret place,

we will do everything we can imagine.


This time,

I wont hold back,

I need to hear you say,

you want me like I do.


What we had,

deserves something beautiful,

let's make an amazing memory,

when it RAINS,

remember me,


and just smile.



I can't wait anymore,

I can't stop myself,

I need to kiss you,

its the only way,

you can know what I feel,

I don't have the words.


I still remember,

the way you answered,

I'd ask,

"Do you know what I like?"

my heart,

would skip,

every time you said "Me"


We made mistakes,

the girl I fell for,

is now a woman,

I'm glad to know,

you're still fascinated by the way I am.


Forget any other,

they don't have me like you do,

I want you to have one moment,

only yours,

where you have me,

all to yourself..


You need one night,

away from everything,

no stress,

no problems,

no work,

please clear your mind.


This is for you,

there is nothing beyond these four corners,

no interruptions,

I want,

I need,

I have to have you here.


My hands will clear those frozen tears,

my breath will massage the pain in your neck,

my eyes will speak to your soul,

my voice enchants your ears,


my arms will protect you,


my lips let you know what you've always wondered.


Let me love the woman,

that was once the girl I fell for,

hold me,

because I'm yours,

the one that claimed me,

she doesn't matter,

don't leave space for her in your mind,

she's not for me.



everything that is me,


belongs to you.



I'll bite your neck,

scratch my back,


I''ll play with your ears,


tease my hair,

I'll lick you tummy,

nibble on my lips,

take me,

give yourself,

I want you so bad.


This is our moment,

never forget it!

I will always think of you,

I know you need this,

I know it hurts,

I want to take care of you,

because you're the one I wish for.


Submitted: November 18, 2011

© Copyright 2023 Candymyne. All rights reserved.

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Graeme Montrose

that was beautifully worded, lovely piece!

Fri, November 18th, 2011 7:56pm


thank you

Fri, November 18th, 2011 12:04pm

Si Cotic

Gorgeous piece of writing! Oh wow I can feel the passion leak from your words as I read them! Very powerful poem!


Wed, February 8th, 2012 7:33pm


Thanks! :)

Fri, March 27th, 2015 7:31pm

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