Solace! BREAK the SURFACE!

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radiate sunlight, the sun burns cold in space. zero gravity, I swim in sheer black. the stars pulse, sync in my heart's symphony, a sonata of love, throbbing, pulsating with each twinkle, they purge the music from me.

Those beautiful GREEN eyes,

radiate sunlight,

the sun burns cold in space.

zero gravity,

I swim in sheer black.

the stars pulse,

sync in my heart's symphony,

a sonata of love,

throbbing, pulsating with each twinkle,

they purge the music from me.

my soul is tranquil,,,

it's finally quiet,

hear the essence of my life with every breath.

this is no bare existence,

I'm truly REAL...

My descent beings,

the precipice into your world,

foreign from mine.

I have no use for wings,

write my name leave a feather,

my soul caves in...

you live in your mind,

your thoughts,

not where I hail from.

The atmosphere,

your barrier.

''why do you fear?''

I smile,

pick up speed,

too swift,

I evade you doubts.

"no worries"

your heart is my gravity,

blood supplied from your soul.

you pull me in,

this ozone has many layers.

I fall even faster...



BURN OUT!!!!!!

Flames engulf me,

consuming my feelings,

"you are what you eat"

I pick up speed!

your inquiries hit close to home for me.

make sure I'm a COMET,

Asteroids will devastate you.

my impulse propels me through your test.

"Let me in...."

Those glimmering BLUE eyes,

an endless ocean of sky,

I bring sunlight with me,

the notes from my song follow behind.

falling through clouds,

I feel your thoughts...

I see your dreams.....

so fluffy,

I sense your emotions.

these clouds are warm to my touch,

I fall faster,


your past,

storm, tempest, cyclone!

it tornadoes all it's might against me!!!

wind so fast it cuts right through me....

you've been hurt...

gales too strong to resist!!!!

I fight back!!!!!

my certainty slices against these currents of pain!!!!

security, peace, PROTECTION, love,

I bring all with me...


I break the speed of sound!!!

enraged, your consciousness Strikes at me with lighting,

I'm falling too fast,

no more maneuvering,

my descent is straight now,

I focus,

your heart is my target.

"I'm falling so make a wish."

Those hopeful BROWN eyes,

your earth,

my land,

you've been BEATEN by meteors in times before.

their lies become implosions on your surface,

their tricks have scared craters in you.

they have shattered you equator...

pummeled land,

full of catacombs.

you've cried in despair so many times....

those tears CARVE scars in your soul like mad rivers,

this world is not mine,

I'm an Alien from a distant place,

my planet,

too similar to your own....

I'm not from here,

I fall....

with tremendous force I IMPACT!!!!

my collision ripples tremors on this hard surface...

I carve,

I push,

I dig....

breaking through rocks,

placed hurtful intentions of others,

I know a broken heart inhabits within.

LOVE is my reason to excavate.

your center is my destination...

Those angry RED eyes,

there is a flow of hate here,

this lava,

the painful memories that course through your being.

you've been waiting for me to notice....

magma of experiences and misery have hardened your heart,

''mine used to be made of stone...''

your fear violently charges at me!!!

revolutions, scorning my very presence,

your last defense...

"STOP! I'm scared..... you pierce me with your sight.... it makes me LOVE you.."

noone can understand...

nobody can comprehend...

this fall has been my solace.....

Those silent HAZEL eyes,

they've lost their light,

your core,

my new home.

your hurting so bad inside,

you want to be loved,

you need to be safe,

you crave my heart.

the gravity is intense,

you pull me in,

the pressures of life...




I came here...

to kiss you,

to feel you,

to hold you,

to make you smile,

to embrace you,

to make you feel real,

to help you heal,

to protect you,

to be happy with you,

to LOVE you....

It's been my story...

my adventure,

transformed into yours..

I want you.

"please accept me"

"let me see inside your soul through those BEAUTIFUL eyes"

My journey brought me here,

To let you know.....



Submitted: October 10, 2011

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Imagine Words

Truly beautiful, the words are written out brilliantly and flow soothingly great job :D

Sat, October 22nd, 2011 1:56pm


Thank you ;D

Sat, October 22nd, 2011 10:51am


There are only two types of people.


living on the groung,

only looking for food,

and Caterpillars who know,


some day

they will be

this beautiful Butterfly.

(You know which one you are. You´ve got a fan. G)

Sun, October 23rd, 2011 5:10pm


Well I know I'm a rare species

Sun, October 23rd, 2011 10:24am

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