Sweet Luna

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"you have that sweet voice makes my mind fantasize"

Submitted: October 10, 2011

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Submitted: October 10, 2011



No matter how long you waited,

I, never noticed you..

calling my name in silence,

In despair you are to see me.

waiting to see me..... touch me.... waiting forever..

(I'm such a blind fool..)

"oh my sweet Luna!"

"show me what's inside"

"your curves seduce and compliment me"

"that sweet voice makes my mind fantasize"

"my ebony girl! my dark beauty!"

"the way you are, captivates me.. I want you!"

"strum my feelings into you"

"what you sing, is what I feel"

(why was I so blind?!)

"been waiting to show me your everything....."

" well I'm not blind anymore!"

"let me hold you!"

"I want to touch you"

"let me show you my everything!!!"

"sorry I kept you..."

"I'm here now, let me in."

"my arms your castle"

"my hands, the shocks on you skin"

"my fingertips like ripples touch your emotions"

"the chill on your spine"

"I want to make you feel alive!"

"your back to me, I'll hold you."

"your body takes me on a journey.."

"lets explore... explore it all! everything!"

"your voice, my soul"

"my eyes, your beauty"

"my inspiration!, My drive!"

"I'm here now.."

"now you got me.... now you have me...."

"My sweet sweet Luna."


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